Social Justice and Evangelism We find our identity in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. The gospel has also given us a strong desire to share Jesus’ God-soaked, God-drenched new humanity with others, and to tackle the structural problems of racism, sexism, materialism, war and the like. We value the pursuit of justice for those oppressed and offering kindness to strangers.

Multiethnic Ministry HRCF is a diverse group of undergraduates who represent unique cultures and Christian traditions. God delights in ethnic and cultural diversity and he wants to heal the ways that they have been broken by sin. As part of our mission as a multiethnic fellowship we each seek to understand and appreciate our own and others’ heritages.

Student Leadership HRCF is emphatically a student-led, student-governed ministry which partners with staff advisers. Jesus develops people by giving the responsibility to serve, lead, and teach. Prioritizing student leadership provides us with the training we need to continue in Jesus’ mission long after graduation.

Gender and Ministry We challenge systems that limit the ministries of men or women based solely on gender. We believe that women and men differ, but that both are called to witness to Jesus’ good news.