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What is the time commitment?

HRO rehearses every Monday and Thursday evening, from 7:00 to 9:30pm throughout the academic year (excluding finals periods) in preparation for four concerts. Musicians are expected to be in the hall by 6:45 and tuned and ready to play by 6:55. We also typically have one Saturday retreat per concert cycle. Although HRO is a sizable time commitment, plenty of our members still manage to be very active with numerous other organizations on campus: members of HRO write for the Crimson, compete on the ballroom dance team, lead public service organizations, and participate in hundreds of other groups as well. Many even participate in other orchestras and musical organizations on campus. Being a member of HRO does, however, mean that it would be extremely difficult to be a part of another high-commitment group, such as a varsity sports team or a cappella group.


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