Norman L. Letvin, MD: 1949-2012

Dr. Norman Letvin, an internationally recognized scientist, entered Harvard College already an accomplished musician in 1967, and joined the HRO as a clarinetist under Dr. Yannatos' baton. He soloed with the orchestra and joined it on its summer performance tours. Although Dr. Letvin ultimately pursued a career in science, he maintained his connection to the HRO. He joined the Pierian Foundation, an organization dedicated to fundraising for the HRO. For the last eight years of his life, Dr. Letvin served as its president, overseeing fundraising for the orchestra's trip to Cuba, organizing celebrations in honor of Dr. Yannatos, and participating enthusiastically in the search that established Federico Cortese as the current HRO conductor. Contributions to the HRO in Dr. Letvin's memory will be directed to the Pierian Foundation's endowment, thus perpetuating the performing arts at Harvard.

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