Is there more to HRO than just music-making?

Definitely. HRO is much more than just an orchestra, and there are lots of things that go on besides music. Our social committee regularly organizes events for orchestra members: parties after every concert, outings to nearby restaurants and concerts, and special trips like ice skating. We also have a "family" program within the orchestra to help new and returning members alike get to know each other. There is also a weekend retreat at the beginning of the year for all members of HRO, where we work on repertoire for the coming year, play chamber music, play sports and games, and party!

The social committee is just one part of our larger Board of Directors, which helps to keep the orchestra running smoothly. HRO is a large group and is completely student-run, so there are plenty of ways to get involved – we produce our own programs, subscription brochures, and posters, we do our own publicity, and even plan our own tours among many other things. There are over 20 members of the orchestra who are part of the Board. Musicians in HRO usually say that the more involved in the orchestra you are, the more you get out of and appreciate the experience. If you're interested in learning more about any of these positions, email and we'll put you in touch with the appropriate person.