October 24, 2010

Upcoming Events

Monday, October 25th *** TOMORROW!
Dinner to learn about Harvard Summer School Study Abroad opportunity in Trento, Italy
5:30-7pm, Lowell Small Dining Hall (located at the back of the Lowell Dining Hall)

A fun and informal dinner with Amitai Shenhav, Doctoral Student in Psychology! Amitai was a fabulous TF for the Harvard Summer School study abroad program in Trento, Italy and recently published a paper on moral decision-making in Neuron. His research involves studying why cognitive and emotional psychological processes interact in the ways they do, and their degrees of adaptability.

Wednesday, October 27th
Irene Pepperberg Lecture
2-4PM, Emerson Hall 310

If you missed Irene Pepperberg’s talk a few couple of weeks ago, come learn about Alex the parrot this Wednesday! She will be giving a talk in Peter Godfrey’s class of “Animal Minds.” Irene Pepperberg is an adjunct professor of psychology at Brandeis University and a lecturer at Harvard University known worldwide for her work with Alex the Parrot.   She conducts research on animal cognition, particularly in relation to parrots. She is well known for her comparative studies into the cognitive fundamentals of language and communication, and was one of the first to try to extend work on language learning in animals other than humans to a bird species.  Here are some fascinating videos displaying just how intelligent these birds are.  Check out the Alex Foundation website here.