March 21, 2011


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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 22
HSMBB Seminar: Nouns, verbs, and the brain
Presented by: Professor Alfonso Caramazza
3-4pm, Location TBA

How does the brain perform language processing? How exactly can humans connect words with pictures, a feat that is little seen in any other species? Professor Alfonso Caramazza, the Daniel and Amy Starch Professor of Psychology at Harvard, is currently researching the inner-functions of lexical processing in order to answer these questions. By using brain-damaged and normal patients in studies, Professor Caramazza can pinpoint how certain neurological problems in patients may have effects on their language processing and producing abilities. Through these studies, his lab aims to elucidate 1) the structure of lexical-orthographic representations; 2) the representation of grammatical class information; and 3) the representation and processing of morphological structure. Join HSMBB for an interesting seminar and discussion on this topic this Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 23
CommuniTea with Professor Takao Hensch
5-6pm, Bechtel Room (Emerson 107)

If you are an OEB 57 student and heard Professor Takao Hensch’s lecture on critical periods, and are interested to learn more, come to this CommuniTea to talk with the professor himself! Or if you are interested in learning about critical periods, which characterize a period of time for increased plasticity in the brain with results that include hearing sounds, learning languages, among others, come to the CommuniTea to talk with like-minded students and an expert in the field! Home-made cookies will be served.