March 6, 2011

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 8
HSMBB Seminar Presented by: Professor Nancy Kanwisher
6-7pm, Kresge Room (Room 114, Barker Center)

Nancy Kanwisher is a Professor in the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT. She is one of the primary supporters that highly specific and high level cognitive processes are localized across subjects to specific areas of the brain. For example, she was first to report and defend the existence of a specific cortical region devoted to face processing, a region that she called the FFA (Fusiform Face Area). Her lab has also shown that a number of cortical regions are stunningly specialized for specific cognitive tasks such as the perception of faces, places, and bodies, and words; one region is even specialized for thinking about what another person is thinking. Come to this seminar to learn more about how we are using specific parts of the brain when we are performing a few distinctly human tasks.

Wednesday, March 9
HSMBB Seminar: The Not-Specifically-Moral Brain
Presented by: Joshua Greene
4-5pm, Kresge Room (Room 114, Barker Center)

If you were interested in Joshua Green’s talk on moral decision making at Harvard Thinks Big 2 and want to learn more, come to this seminar! As a psychology professor, Professor Greene focuses on the question of, “How are moral judgments shaped by automatic processes (such as emotional “gut reactions”) and controlled cognitive processes (such as reasoning and self-control)?” His lab studies moral judgment and decision-making using behavioral experiments, functional neuroimaging (fMRI), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and genotyping, and aims to understand these automatic and controlled processes in more detailed functional terms. Come to this seminar to learn more about how our brain may not be innately moral, and how this affects our decision making.