Board Members

Current Board Members

Faculty Advisor: Professor Florian Engert

Emilie Wigdor ’15 (Co-Chair)
Emilie is a junior in Leverett House concentrating in Psychology and is considering a secondary in Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality. She first became interested in the mind and behaviour when she read Daniel Gilbert’s “Stumbling on Happiness”. This created some excitement when she learned that Professor Gilbert teaches at Harvard. Since then her MBB interests have expanded to include cognitive neuroscience, abnormal psychology and morality, among many others. As Symposium Chair, Emilie gets to organize one panel per semester, with some amazing speakers, on an MBB topic that she thinks people will find interesting. Outside of an academic setting, Emilie likes to play a lot of sports, paint, read and travel.

Joshua Grossman ’16 (Co-Chair)

Andrew Kim ’16 (Academic Events Co-Chair)

Layla Stahr ’17 (Academic Events Co-Chair)

Matthew McGill ’17 (CommuniTea Events Co-Chair)

Angelica Clayton ’17 (CommuniTea Events Co-Chair)

Ryan Song ’17 (Social Chair)

Joyce Zhou ’17 (Symposium Co-Chair)

Annie Arrighi-Allisan ’15 (Symposium Co-Chair)

Past Board Members

2013 - 2014

Caroline Weisman ’14 (Co-Chair)
Jackson Steinkamp ’15 (Co-Chair)
Julia Nguyen ’14 (Academic Events Co-Chair)
Andrew Kim ’16 (Academic Events Co-Chair)
Emilie Wigdor ’15 (Symposium Co-Chair)
Joshua Grossman ’16 (Social Chair)
Joyce Zhou ’17 (CommuniTea Events Co-Chair)

2012 - 2013

Matthew Yung ’13 (Co-Chair)
Allison Gofman ’14 (Co-Chair)
Caroline Weisman ’14 (Academic Events Co-Chair)
Danny Wilson ’14 (CommuniTea Events Co-Chair)
Julia Nguyen ’14 (CommuniTea Events Co-Chair)
Jackson Steinkamp ’15 (Academic Events Co-Chair)
Emilie Wigdor ’15 (Symposium Co-Chair)


Richard Sima ’12 (Co-Chair)
Jennifer Ding ’13 (Co-Chair)
Jackson Kernion ’12 (Special Events Chair)
Yingna Liu ’12 (Technology Chair)
Matthew Yung ’13 (Academic Events Co-Chair)
Allison Gofman ’14 (Academic Events Co-Chair)
Natalie Padilla ’12 (Community Events Co-Chair)
Geraldine Jowett ’14 (Community Events Co-Chair)
Danny Wilson ’14 (Community Events Co-Chair)
Jackson Steinkamp ’15 (Frosh Rep)
Caroline Weisman ’14 (Symposium Chair)


Amy Chen ’12 (Co-Chair)
Jackson Kernion ’12 (Co-Chair)
Yingna Liu ’12 (Communication Chair)
Richard Sima ’12 (Academic Events Co-Chair)
Briana Prager ’12 (Academic Events Co-Chair)
Kathy Ran ’13 (Special Events Chair)
Jennifer Ding ’13 (Community Events Co-Chair)
Ryan Rossner ’13 (Community Events Co-Chair)

Cindy Wang ’10 (Co-Chair)
Sophie Wharton ’11 (Co-Chair)
David Joosten ’11 (Treasurer)
Briana Prager ’12 (Publicity Chair)
Yingna Liu ’12 (Community Events Chair)
Amy Chen ’12 (Special Events Chair)
Jackson Kernion ’12 (Academic Events Co-Chair)
Richard Sima ’12 (Academic Events Co-Chair)
Kathy Ran ’13 (Frosh Rep)
Jennifer Ding ’13 (Frosh Rep)
Ryan Rossner ’13 (Frosh Rep)

Judy Fan ’10 (Co-Chair)
Christine Baugh ’10 (Co-Chair)
Sophie Wharton ’11 (Secretary)
Cindy Wang ’10 (Treasurer)
Megan Galligan ’10 (Social Chair)
Brittany Benjamin ’10 (Publicity Chair)
Godfrey Ilonzo ’12 (Frosh Rep)
Briana Prager ’12 (Frosh Rep)
Alana Mendelsohn ’09 (Co-Chair Emeritus)
Marina Fisher ’09 (Co-Chair Emeritus)

Marina Fisher ’09 (Co-Chair)
Alana Mendelsohn ’09 (Co-Chair)
Christine Eckhardt ’09 (Secretary)
Judith Fan ’10 (Treasurer)
Roy Cohen ’10 (Publicity Chair)
Roland Nadler ’09 (Social Chair)
Marina Bontkowski ’08 (Co-Chair Emeritus)

Marina Bontkowski ’08 (Co-Chair)
Alana Mendelsohn ’09 (Co-Chair)
Danielle Charlap ’09 (Secretary)
Shimon Saphire-Bernstein ’07 (Treasurer)
Hillary Steinbrook ’08 (Publicity Chair)
Marina Fisher ’09 (Social Chair)
Jay Reidler ’06 (Co-Chair Emeritus)

Kang-Xing Jin ’06 (Co-Chair)
Jay Reidler ’08 (Co-Chair)
Anindita Deb ’06 (Secretary)
Penny Fang ’08 (Treasurer)
Hillary Steinbrook ’08 (Publicity Chair)
Konika Banerjee ’08 (Social Chair)
Miya Bernson ’06 (Co-Chair Emeritus)

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