Past Events

Spring Semester 2012

Symposium: Battle of Wills: A Discussion on Free Will

  • Daniel Dennett
  • Josh Greene
  • Steven Pinker

Video Recording: A Battle of Wills

Spring Semester 2011

Symposium: Mental Machines

  • Patrick Winston
  • Boris Katz
  • Guven Guzeldere


  • Mahzarin Banaji – Blindspot: Hidden Biases
  • John Ratey – Exercise
  • Sherry Turkle: Attention and Identity in the Digital Age
  • Nancy Kanwisher: Faces, Places, and Bodies: an Exploration of the Brain
  • Josh Greene: The Not-Specifically Moral Brain
  • Alfonso Caramazza: Language
  • Britta Hölzel: Meditation


  • Takao Hensch
  • Carole Landisman
  • Ned Hall – Quantum Minds
  • Nadine Gaab – Music and Cognitive Learning
  • Marc Tetel – Hormones and Sex

Fall Semester 2010

Symposium: The Neuroscience of Love and Sexuality


  • Bob Slevc: Music and the Brain
  • Gene Hyman: Addiction, Disease, and Voluntary Behavior
  • Ellen Langer: Mindfulness
  • Irene Pepperberg: Alex the Parrot
  • Steven Pinker: The Decline of Violence and its Psychological Roots
  • Dan Schacter: Seven Sins of Memory


  • Sean Kelly


  • Amitai Shenhav
  • Grad Research Group

Movie Night: Being John Malkovich