Past Events

Chronological List of HSMBB Events (to 2014-2015 academic year)

Date Event type Speaker (if applicable) Description
4/7/15 Symposium Nao Uchida (MCB) and David Laibson (Economics) “Make Up Your Mind: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Decision Making”
3/3/15 Academic Elizabeth Lunbeck (History of Science) “Bringing Freud into the Present”
2/22/15 Academic Charles Nelson (HMS, Boston Children’s Hospital) “Neuroimaging, Autism, and Development”
2/21/15 Social “Gone Girl” Movie Screening with pizza and dessert
2/22/15 CommuniTea Josh Greene (Psychology) “How the brain constructs complex thoughts:” An intimate conversation with Josh Greene
11/21/14 Symposium Steven Hyman, Takao Hensch, and Josh Greene “Brave Neuro World: A Symposium on Cognitive Enhancement”
10/24/15 Social “The Silence of the Lambs” Halloween Movie Screening with pizza and candy
4/4/14 Social The Prestige’ screening; with pizza
4/3/14 Academic Edward Kravitz, Neurobio “Fruit Fly Fight Club”
3/26/14 Academic Ian Reed, Psychology “Personality Disorders in Everyday Life’
3/5/14 Academic Barak Caine, Psychology “How to Quit: Testing Candidate Medications for Smoking Cessation”
2/27/14 CommuniTea David Laibson, Economics “Psychology and Economics”
2/19/14 CommuniTea Alfonso Caramazza, Psychology “Obect Representations in the Brain: Study of Special Populations”
2/14/14 Social “Her” (2014) screening + Valentine’s Day social
2/13/14 Academic Naoshige Uchida, MCB “How We Make Decisions: Dopamine, Rewards, and Computation in the Brain”
12/9/13 CommuniTea Michael Norton, HBS “Happy Money: Getting and Giving Wealth and Well-Being”
12/5/13 Symposium Fox Harrell (MIT), Barbara Grosz (Computer Science) “Robots R Us: a Symposium on Artificial Intelligence”
11/21/13 Academic Florian Engert, MCB “Neural Circuits Underlying Operant Learning in Larval Zebrafish”
11/21/13 Academic Steven Hyman, Broad Institute “Cognitive Enhancements: Promises and Problems”
11/19/13 Social Myers-Briggs Social (with pizza and nametags for M-B type!)
11/12/13 CommuniTea Jeff Lichtman, MCB “Your Past and Your Future: a Conversation with Jeff Lichtman”
11/4/13 Academic Liane Young, Psychology (BU) “The Psychology of Morality: Why Mental States Matter for Moral Judgment”
10/30/13 Academic Peter Cariani “Music, the Brain, and Time”
4/26/13 Symposium Ann McKee (BU), Chris Nowinski, Stephanie Morain (HLS) “Trauma in the End Zone: What Risks do Sports Pose to your Brain?”
4/23/13 Academic / CT Jennifer Freyd, Psychology (University of Oregon) “Dangerous Safe Havens: Exploring Institutional Betrayal”
4/18/13 CommuniTea Ryan Adams, CS “The Bayesian Brain Hypothesis”
4/4/13 CommuniTea Ken Nakayama, Psychology “A Community Tea with Ken Nakayama”
3/7/13 Academic Leah Somerville, Psychology “The Role of the Brain in Adolescent Risk-Taking”
2/13/13 Academic Holly Parker, Psychology “The Myth of Relationship Decline: a Talk on the Psychology of Love”
12/11/12 Symposium Mahzarin Banaji, Psychology “Blindspot: the Hidden Biases of Good People”
12/5/12 Academic Daniel Smail, History “Neurohistory: How the Brain Informs History”
12/3/12 Social “Careers, Research, and Undergraduate Opportunities in MBB”
11/28/12 CommuniTea Shelley Carson, Psychology “The Poet and the Lunatic: the Link Between Creativity and Psychopathology”
11/12/12 Academic Gabriel Kreiman, Neuroscience “From Vision to Cognition Inside the Human Brain”
10/9/12 Academic Felix Warneken, Psychology “The Origins of Human Altruistic Behavior”
4/27/12 Symposium Daniel Dennett, Philosophy (Tufts); Steven Pinker, Psychology; Joshua Greene, Psychology “A Battle of Wills: a Discussion on Free Will”
4/23/12 Academic Alan Richardson, English (BU) “The Dreaming Brain and the Literary Imagination”
4/11/12 CommuniTea Anne Harrington, History of Science “Tea, Cookies, and Cultural Neuroscience”
3/26/12 Academic Ned Block, Philosophy (NYU) “The Turing Test: Whether Intelligence is Behavioral”
3/5/12 Academic Daniel Schacter, Psychology “Memory of the Future”
11/14/11 Symposium Robert Stickgold (HMS), Deirdre Barrett (HMS), James Quattrochi (MCB) “What Use is Sleep? Discover the Science Behind Sleeping, Dreaming, and Learning”
11/7/11 Academic Daniel Dennett, Philosophy (Tufts) “Failures of Imagination and the ‘Mystery’ of Consciousness”
10/24/11 Academic Jeff Lichtman, MCB “Behind MCB80: The Neurobiology of Synaptic Competition”
10/21/11 CommuniTea Shah Khoshbin, Neurology “A Neurobiologist’s Portrait of Van Gogh”
10/17/11 Academic Steven Schlozman, Psychiatry (HMS) “The Neuroscience of Zombies (and How to Survive the Apocalypse)”
10/12/11 Academic Krzysztof Gajos, CS “Ability Based User Interfaces: Using Models of Human Motor Performance to Automate User Interface Design”
9/20/11 CommuniTea Noam Chomsky, Linguistics (MIT) “A Conversation with Noam Chomsky”
4/27/11 CommuniTea Marc Tetel, Neuroscience (Wellesley) “Sex, Chocolate, and Psychology”
4/15/11 Symposium Henry Winston (MIT), Boris Katz (MIT), Guven Guzeldere “Mental Machines”
4/13/11 CommuniTea Ned Hall, Philosophy “Quantum Minds”
4/6/11 CommuniTea Nadine Gaab (Hist of Sci) and Takao Hensch (MCB) “Music Training”
4/4/11 Academic John Ratey, Psychiatry (HMS) “Really, Exercise Makes You Smarter, Saner, and More Motivated??”
3/30/11 CommuniTea Sarah Richardson (WGS)
3/29/11 Academic Mahzarin Banaji, Psychology “Blindspot: the Hidden Biases of Good People”
3/22/11 Academic Alfonso Caramazza, Psychology “Nouns, Verbs, and the Brain”
3/9/11 Academic Joshua Greene, Psychology “The Not-Specifically-Moral Brain”
3/8/11 Academic Nancy Kanwisher, BCS (MIT)
3/1/11 Academic Sherry Turkle, Science, Technology and Society (MIT) “Alone Together: Why We Want More from Technology and Less from Each Other”
2/23/11 CommuniTea Carole Landisman (HMS) Synaptic plasticity, etc
2/14/11 Academic Britta Hozel “Changes in Brain Structure and Function Associated with Mindfulness Meditation”
12/1/10 CommuniTea Florian Engert, MCB Development of the larval zebrafish as a model system for visually induced behaviors’
11/18/10 Social Juan Manuel Contreras, Larisa Heiphetz, Kyle Thomas, Donal Cahill Informal Q&A with MBB graduate students
11/12/10 Symposium Carol Hooven (HEB), Kyle Gobrogge (HMS), Judith Chapman (HEB) “The Neuroscience of Love and Sexuality”
11/10/10 Social Q&A about MBB concentrations
11/8/10 Academic Edward Kravitz, Neurobio “Fruit Fly Fight Club”
11/2/10 Academic Bob Slevc, Neuroscience (Rice) Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroscience of Language and Music’
10/12/10 Social Movie Night: Being John Malkovich
10/20/10 CommuniTea Gene Heyman, Psychology “Addiction, Disease, and Voluntary Behavior”
10/13/10 CommuniTea Ellen Langer, Psychology Control, Aging, Decision-Making, and Mindfulness’
9/30/10 Academic Irene Pepperberg, Psychology (Brandeis) “Grey Parrot Cognition: Numerical Competence”
9/29/10 CommuniTea Sean Kelly, Philosophy HSMBB Introductory CommuniTea
9/21/10 CommuniTea Steven Pinker, Psychology “The Decline of Violence and its Psychological Roots”
9/14/10 Academic Daniel Schacter, Psychology “Constructive Memory and Imagining the Future: a Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective”