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Fall 2005: Science, Religion, Politics

Volume 19, Number 1

The contents of this issue are accessible as PDF files:

News Briefs: PDF
Exercise Keeps You Sane, Possible Explanation of Claims of Alien Abduction, Meditation Changes Brain Structure, Zebrafish developmental biologist, Strand Theory
Christine Megerdichian, Lauren Gibilisco, Cynthia Chi, Shirleen Soh, Eli Nagler

Reports: PDF
Powerful Hurricanes to Come
Cynthia Chi, Christine

Developments in Antiviral RNAi Therapy

General Articles:
Quantum Dots: Time to Shine PDF
Amrita Goyal

A New Magic Bullet: Targeting PDZ Interactions in Disease Pathways PDF
Ching Zhu

Our Body’s Own Historian: A Look into HOTHEAD Revertants PDF
Ashish Agrawal

Feature Articles:
Unraveling the Chimpanzee Genome PDF
Da Lin

The Canary in the Coal Mine: Environmental Challenges from an Amphibian Point’s of View PDF
Nan Zhu

Trojan Horse or Legitimate Science: Deconstructing the Debate over Intelligent Design PDF
David Mu

Do COX-2 Inhibitors Have a Future? PDF
Kathleen Jacobs

Stem Cells Reprogrammed: Possibilities in Nuclear Reprogramming PDF
Xianlin Li

Global Warming: A Gathering Storm or a Green Scare? PDF
Megan Bartlett

You’ve Got Soul: The Science of Individuality PDF
David Bochner

Newton’s Esoteric Science PDF
Grace Tiao

New Findings Compare Frequent Tanning to Substance-Related Disorders PDF
Lauren Gibilisco

The Tobacco Industry Moves East: Addiction in Armenia and the Former Soviet States PDF
Christine Megerdichian

The Lack of a Future of Energy: Underinvestment in Alternative Energies PDF
Eli Nagler

Interview with Tarjei Mikkelsen PDF
Undergraduate Research Spotlights PDF


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