28th September 2021

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Fall 2006: Then and Now: 20 Years of Science

Volume 20, Number 1

The contents of this issue are accessible as PDF files:

Editors’ Note PDF

HSR Then and Now: 20 Years in Review PDF

News Briefs: PDF
I’ll Believe It Even If I Don’t See It, Scientists Attracted to Bacterial Magnetism, The Next Universal Anticancer Drug Target, Radioactive Life, Work on RNA and the Early Universe Recognized by Nobel Foundation, Invisibility Cloack Not Just for Harry Potter, Nobel Prizes
Anthony Vicari, Shiv Gaglani, Chikezie Eseonu, Tamara Halkina, Michelle Siao, Katelyn Foley, Susan De Wolf

Computer Model for Predicting Hereditary Colorectal Cancer PDF
Tamara Halkina

By Giving Life, Women May Add to Their Years PDF
Katelyn Foley

The Technozoic Era PDF
Susan De Wolf

Feature Articles:
DNA Fingerprinting: The New Sherlock Holmes PDF
Amrita Goyal

Beyond Our Solar System: The New Search for Extraterrestrial Planets PDF
Madeline Ross

Combating Emerging Epidemics: Epidemiology’s New Weapons for Fighting Disease PDF
Megan Bartlett

Molecular Simulations: In Modern Science PDF
Eva Nong

The Future of History: Molecular Evolution, Phylogenetic Studies, and Admixture Mapping PDF
Nguyen Nguyen

From Menace to Marvel: The Story of Nitric Oxide PDF
Lucie Guo

General Articles:
Chloroplast Genetic Engineering: A Novel Method to Produce Therapeutic Proteins PDF
Shiv Gaglani

America versus Britain: Healthcare Systems and their Advancement PDF
Chikezie Eseonu

Drug Discovery: A Shotgun Approach PDF
Hai Xi Li

Microfluidics: New Channels for Biological Research PDF
Michelle Siao

Who Wants to Live Forever: Understanding How and Why We Age PDF
Angelo S. Mao

Pharmaceutical Protections at the Expense of Life, Blurring the Lines – Reality, Fantasy, and the Internet PDF
Yongtian (Tina) Tan, Anthony Vicari

Undergraduate Research Spotlights PDF


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