28th September 2021

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Spring 2007: Endgame

Volume 20, Number 2

The contents of this issue are accessible as PDF files:

Editors’ Note PDF

News Briefs: PDF

An Advancement in Tuberculosis Vaccination, Game ‘Ova’ for Egg-derived H5N1 Vaccines, Professor George M. Whitesides Awarded 2007 Priestly Medal, A Hairy Representation of Science, Reflections on a Dynamic Friday Afternoon Discussion, Discovery of a New Earthlike Planet, What is the measure of a meal?
Yongtian Tan, Tave van Zyl, Michelle Jung, Yan Yan Mao, Susan DeWolf, Pushan R. Dasgupta, Meghan Galligan


The End Triassic Extinction PDF
Pushan R. Dasgupta

Targeting Cadherin-11 in Rheumatoid Arthritis PDF
Michelle Jung

Lignin: A Renewable Source of Energy PDF
Yan Yan Mao

Feature Articles:
Cosmic Evolution: rethinking black holes, big bangs, and the structure of the universe PDF
Michael Love

Field or Dreams of Frankenfoods: Genetic Engineering and Sustainable Agriculture PDF
Megan Bartlett

Bacteriophages: the revived bacterial killers PDF
Nicolae Done

Searching For the Fountain of Youth: New Views on Aging and Life-Extension PDF
Jimmy Li

It’s the End of the World as We Know It: 13 Ways the World Could End (But Probably Won’t) PDF
Amrita Goyal

Megafauna Extinction: Blitzkrieg overkill by humans or a gradual, climate-induced die-out? PDF
Madeline Ross

General Articles:
Paper or Plastic: The Commercial Future of Chitosan PDF
Charlotte Seid

Preventing drug side effects through Pharmacogenomics PDF
Vera Mucaj

Moving Towards a Cure for Paralysis: Potential Treatments for Spinal Cord Injury PDF
Shiv Gaglani

Neuroprosthetics: Restoring Function in the Bionic Human PDF
Michelle C. Siao

The Toxic Personality of Toxoplasma gondii PDF
Karolina Lempert

Of Yeast and Men: Motives and explanations for altruism from sociobiology PDF
Margaret Jack

The New Green Revolution PDF
Yongtian (Tina) Tan

Special Report:
I’m Going to Eat Some Worms: Exposure to parasites may slow the progression of MS PDF
Grace Tiao

Undergraduate Research Spotlights PDF


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