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Spring 2008: Science of the Senses

Volume 21, Number 2

The contents of this issue are accessible as PDF files:

Editors’ Note PDF

News Briefs: PDF
Not in Front of the Baby, Circulating Tumor Cell Detection, Vestigial Vestments, Punishment Does Not Pay, No Sonar? Flight Came First in Early Bats, Starting Young: Allergies Prevented by Breast-Feeding, RNA-interference-based Drug Search Yields Unexpected Results, Recent Breakthroughs in Generating Human iPS cells
Daniel O’Leary, Amrita Goyal, Andrew L. Chang, Katie Ransohoff, Alexia Hwang, Michelle C. Siao

Debilitating Leaks PDF
Alexia Hwang

Novel Molecules Activate the SIRT1 Fountain of Youth PDF
Michelle Jung

The Fifth Taste: Umami PDF
Remen Okoruwa

A Friend for Autistic Children PDF
Susan Maya

Screening for Sushi: A Selective Fluorescent Chemosensor for Mercury PDF
Andrew L. Chang

Pain’s Labyrinth PDF
Katie Ransohoff

Feature Articles:
A Matter of Taste: The Evolution of Flavor PDF
Benjamin Miller

Tasting (and Hearing) the Rainbow: Neurobiology of Synethesia PDF
Megan Bartlett

Simulated Reality: The Science of Homograms PDF
Colleen Carlston

Mission Impossible? Cracking the Speech Code PDF
Remen Okoruwa

Living in the Matrix: Can we sense the real world, or are we living in our brain’s imagination? PDF
Ashish Agrawal

Studying Sleep…the personal memory organizer PDF
Dayan Li

A “Sense” of Attraction: The Role of Pheromones in Behavior PDF
Lauren Schumacher

Center Spread:
The Senses: Did you Know…? PDF
Amrita Goyal and Lucie Guo

Your Brain on Terror: Chemosignals of Fear and Their Effects on Behavior PDF
Fernando Racimo

General Articles:
Maxwell’s Demon: Breaking the Laws of Thermodynamics PDF
Angelo Mao

Faculty Commentary:
In the Words of a Neurobiologist: A Reflection by Nobel Laureate Dr. David H. Hubel PDF
Prof. David H. Hubel

Science on the Platform in 2008 PDF
Susan Maya


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