28th September 2021

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Fall 2008: Brave New World

Volume 22, Number 1

The contents of this issue are accessible as PDF files:

Table of Contents PDF
Editors’ Note PDF

News Briefs: PDF
Identification of a Cell Death Protein’s Switch, Fingerprints Increase Fingers’ Tactile Sensitivity, X-Rays from Tape, Spotless Mind: Scientists Erase Select Memories in Mice, Sweeter Pill Helps Children Combat Malaria, A Hopeful but Troubled Drug for MS, Insights from Earthquakes into Designing Quake-Proof Buildings
Pushan S. Dasgupta, Daniel O’Leary, Tim Hsieh, Joshua Feblowitz, Lisa N. Chen, Lucie Guo

The Promise of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells PDF
Pushan S. Dasgupta

Pop It Like It’s Hot: Laser Induced Cavitation Luminescence PDF
Tim Hsieh

Feature Articles:
And Man Said, “Let There Be Life” PDF
Lawrence Valverde

Rewilding North America PDF
Alexandra Mushegian

Vaccines and Autism PDF
Xin Guan

Embryonic Screening: Selecting for the Perfect Child PDF
Peter Cai

The Science of the Undiscovered: Astrobiology and the possibility of life in other worlds PDF
Fernando Racimo

Big Brother is Watching: The Many Roles of GPS Technology PDF
Karolina Lempert

Large Hadron Collider: Black holes in Your Backyard? PDF
Ruby Lai

Artificial Wombs: Delivering on Fertile Promises PDF
Colleen Carlston

General Article:
What is Mathematics? PDF
Katie Banks

Faculty Spotlight:
On My Mind PDF
Prof. Steven Pinker

Don’t ask how many languages biolinguists speak! PDF
Prof. Cedric Boeckx

A Planetary Parasol: The Promise and the Pitfalls of Climate Engineering PDF
Benjamin Miller

The Cure for Aging: Aubrey de Grey and the Quest for Biological Immortality PDF
Joshua Feblowitz

Engineering People: The Evolution of Technology PDF
Benjamin Miller

The Thorn on a Rose: Green Energy’s Nuclear Future PDF
Dayan Li

The Future WMD: A Fun Way to Fight Wars? PDF
Lisa N. Chen


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