28th September 2021

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Winter 2011: All Charged Up

Volume 24, Number 1

The contents of this issue are accessible as PDF files:

Table of Contents PDF
Editors’ Note PDF

News Briefs: PDF
Real “Artificial” Gasoline
Stefan A. Anghel

Haematopoietic Homeostasis: Regulation of Blood Stem Cell Metabolism
Julia Ransohoff

Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Using RNA
Anirudh Penumaka

Debate over the Surgical Treatment of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
Anirudh Penumaka

The Yawning Hypothesis
Alexia Hwang

A New Intervention Window Appears in Battling Pancreatic Cancer at its Origins
Julia Ransohoff

Constants are just not the same anymore: The odd Australian dipole PDF
Mark Martinez

From “Social Drinker” to Addict: How is the line drawn? PDF
Stefan A. Anghel

Ventricular Assist Devices as a Bridge to Heart Transplant and Destination Therapy PDF
Anirudh Penumaka

Harvesting the Goods in Ancient Bacteria PDF
Jennifer Tarnacki

Focus Articles:
Demystifying Caffeine: Is it a blessing or a curse? PDF
Yvette Leung

From E-mails to Energy: Embracing the future of green computing PDF
Ryan Neff

I’ll tell you how the Sun rose: One dot at a time PDF
Abhishek Chintapalli

Thunderbirds, Pterosaurs and Tumblers: The biomechanics of flight PDF
Katherine Banks

On the Right Foot: A biomechanics look at how we run PDF
Jennifer Lu

General Articles:
Catch 22: Does Prozac contribute to suicidality in pediatric patients? PDF
Sarah Harland-Logan

Biomimicry: Harnessing nature’s ideas to power our world PDF
Katrina Verbrugge

Go-Go-Gadget. 2010-2010: A Tech Revolution PDF
Yvette Leung


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