28th September 2021

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Spring 2011: A Decade in Review

Volume 24, Number 2

The contents of this issue are accessible as PDF files

Table of Contents PDF
Editors’ Note PDF

News Briefs: PDF
Finding Common Ground among Human Cultures
Fernando Racimo

A Second Alarm System
Alexia Hwang

Large Hadron Collider: A Glimpse of the Early Universe
Anirudh Penumaka

Chiari Malformation
Anirudh Penumaka

Focus Articles:
Decade of Change: the accelerating threat of global warming PDF
Katrina Verbrugge

Our Genomic Future: a decade after the Human Genome Project PDF
Nolan Kamitaki

Monkey Business: Transgenic primates and approaching ethical concerns PDF Matthew Coates

In-Depth Focus – iPS cell research:
Synthetic RNA for Cell Reprogramming PDF
Seth Cassel

“Hotspots” of Failed Reprogramming to Pluripotency in Human Stem Cells PDF
Julia Ransohoff

iPS Cells: Inducing a new strategy for regenerative medicine PDF
Alicia Smart

Stem Cells and the Future of Diabetes PDF
Anirudh Penumaka

General Articles:
Robotic Soccer: building the bots of the future PDF
Sana Raoof

The metamaterials are coming: but you may not be able to see them PDF
Mark Martinez

Faculty Spotlight:
Robert Lue: Uncovering a 3D universe PDF
Ayse Baybars


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