Adams Pool

This theatre used to be a swimming pool. The stage is set into one half of the pool, with the audience sloping up the other half. The ornate construction, marble statuary and surround, and heavy wood beams lend to the atmosphere. A large amount of new equipment has gone into the Pool in 2008, including video projector and sound system, so it lends itself well to movie nights.

Loeb Drama Center

The Loeb Drama Center was built in 1959, originally solely for the use of the university.

However, since then the ART have taken over the majority of the complex, with the HRDC maintaining one small office. Students share space with the ART, under the supervision of Michael Griggs. The Loeb Ex is where the majority of student productions take place. The Loeb Mainstage is used twice a semester, and is shared with the ART. You can find additional information on the Loeb complex at - there's little point repeating it here! :)

New College Theatre

General Information

The New College Theatre, or NCT, is a brand new space that replaces the Hasty Pudding. Technical specs and info coming soon.

Agassiz Theatre

General Information

  • Open weekdays 9am – 11:30pm, weekends 12pm – 11:30pm. Holidays and late nights need special permission.
  • Hours occasionally limited due to admissions office presentations, with whom the building is shared.
  • Seats 336, plays can go up on the Agassiz stage or in the Horner Room. Has a set building shop with painting facilities included. Probably the best paint shop at Harvard.

Performance Spaces


Information about the various performance spaces on campus. Consult the map for locations.