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General Strike Guide

Preplanning: Make sure AllFlor is handy for repainting the floor. Make sure Michael Griggs and the TD have decided what needs to go where.

  1. Make sure everyone has a job!
  2. Striking the audience: Make sure you bring the dollies for the chairs into the Ex, and have everyone stack the chairs on them. There are instructions on them for how to do this. The dollies live and must return to behind the big bulletin board in the Ex Lobby.
  3. Soft goods should be struck first!!!!! Clear the floor of any dust. Have people drop the softgoods lightly down. You can usually take them to the dance studio and have a clean floor to fold them. If you don't know how to fold soft goods, ask the Tech Liaison. Soft goods must then be returned to the proper hampers: \Hamper #1- 1122, Hamper #2- 1224, Hamper #3- 1336, Hamper #4- 1448

These are in the trap room, the key to which is on the board keys (talk to your HRDC Board Liaison or any board member).

  1. Striking lights: MAKE SURE ALL MUSIC IS OFF AND THERE IS A QUIET ENVIRONMENT IN THE THEATER ONCE PEOPLE START GOING INTO THE GRID! Except when a previous arrangement has been made with the next show's lighting designer, all instruments must be removed. Cabling must be neatly coiled in the stacks along the edge of the balcony. All gel should be removed and both the frames and gel need to be REFILED in the Props Box. Make someone do this.
  2. Sound equipment is generally left up to the sound designer. Recently, we've kept the same system up for many of the shows since the same couple of people seem to do all the designing for the ex. So generally don't worry about this.
  3. Make sure the set is taken apart safely. DISPOSAL OF MATERIALS: All wooden set pieces should
    1. Put in large props if a previous arrangement has been made with Griggs. Large props is the key labeled LP on the Tech Liaison's secret keys.
    2. If wood is large enough to be saved for future shows, make sure ALL staples/nails/etc. are out!!!!
    3. Otherwise, you must safely break the pieces into generally no larger than 4'x4', except if this is impossible/really hard. Everything must be quietly placed in the dumpsters outside. Make sure no one gets locked out. Also, if the dumpsters are overflowing, don't block the walkway next to the dumpsters or else you'll be blocking the ART people tomorrow morning. Put those pieces against the wall opposite the garage door. Leave a path!
  4. The floor needs to be painted if it looks anything less than perfect black. AllFlor is magical and dries pretty quickly. Large trays are generally in the rolling table near the paint rack. Rollers are often hidden in the inner sanctum, though try not to use these- there usually are some around. If the floor has been painted a light color, you probably will need a second coat.
  5. Once everyone is finished, YOU are responsible for doing a final check before letting people go home. Once they leave, you must be the last person out of the building. Make sure the doors from the shop to the loading dock are closed, the door in the Ex lobby is closed, lights are off in the shop and the Ex, and that the Ex Lobby is CLEAN.

Someone during strike, usually the set designer or possibly a producer, should walk around and keep an eye on everybody – making sure that one group wasn’t going to do something that would endanger another group, that no one was in trouble, and that everyone was generally being safe. Strike is even more hectic than load-in, and usually everyone is concentrating on his/her specific task, not on what anyone else might be doing (like bumping a piece of scenery into your ladder). Just walk around and make sure people aren’t rushing or doing anything foolish.