Adams Pool

This theatre used to be a swimming pool. The stage is set into one half of the pool, with the audience sloping up the other half. The ornate construction, marble statuary and surround, and heavy wood beams lend to the atmosphere. A large amount of new equipment has gone into the Pool in 2008, including video projector and sound system, so it lends itself well to movie nights.

Pool shows don't typically have a huge set or many drops, but there's plenty that can be done. There's only one pipe above the stage, but there are a couple traveler tracks in the back for various curtains. The stage can be extended out closer to the audience, and there's a small trap just in front of the first audience row. There is only one backstage entrance (SL); otherwise actors can enter through the house. There's also a small trap set into the center of the first audience row.

The ceiling has heavy wooden beams. There are some pipes in the air, but the wooden beams cannot be changed. The stage is black-painted wood, the walls are brick and can’t be altered (as also goes for the marble surround). The audience seating is permanent. Contact the Adams drama tutor about this space - currently Aubry Threlkeld. Sets can be built at the Agassiz shop, and minor building done in the Adams tool shop.

  • Lighting info: (verify this before starting)
  • Powerfeed: 40A 1Ø (80A total).
  • In-house power outlets: NEMA 14-30P 40A?
  • In-house dimming: ETC SmartPack, 2 x 12 for a total of 24 channels piped out to Edisons
  • Additional dimming: NSI 4 pack, 1200x4 (but 20A total per pack?). Edison output.
  • In-house Circuits: none.
  • In-house control: Lovely new ETC SmartFade preset console
  • In-house instruments: 4xS4 @36º, 2x(6x9), 4x(6x4.5), 6x(6” Fresnel) – but verify.
  • Hanging locations: one pipe over midstage, ladders on FOH uprights and pipes on FOH beams.
  • Sound control: Soundcraft Spirit 16 channel console, new as of 2008
  • Video - one of the few spaces to have video projection hard-wired in. Projection + great sound system = movie nights.

Surround good for floormounts. See plans.

Note that the some power circuits around the space can introduce mains hum into the sound system - this is most prevalent when the video projector is plugged into the Edison socket adjacent to it.