Agassiz Theatre

General Information

  • Open weekdays 9am – 11:30pm, weekends 12pm – 11:30pm. Holidays and late nights need special permission.
  • Hours occasionally limited due to admissions office presentations, with whom the building is shared.
  • Seats 336, plays can go up on the Agassiz stage or in the Horner Room. Has a set building shop with painting facilities included. Probably the best paint shop at Harvard.
  • Contains the Agassiz Cage – the theatrical supplies closet where all sorts of materials are kept, like muslin, tie-line, screws, etc. You gain access to the cage through getting permission from whoever is in charge of the Agassiz so he/she knows how to bill your account, and then you record how much and what you take from it.
  • Also the place where plays can sign out mobile toolkits for plays going up in areas that don’t have fully stocked scene shops.
  • The Agassiz shop has the shop assistants, student techies who are in the shop during certain days of the week to tool train people, sign materials in or out, and generally maintain order in the shop. If you have questions about your production, they are good people to consult --- you can email them in advance, or check the ical calendar in the Agassiz shop office for their hours.
  • Notoriously limited amount of wingspace for the stage. Also be aware of extreme sightline problems here when designing (particularly from the FOH balcony). The stage can be slightly altered by making it full thrust, half thrust, or no thrust.

Lighting Information

The Agassiz runs off an ETC Express console. It's fairly easy to use, but complicated programming can be painful. The Agassiz is lacking in FOH hanging positions, and when the thrust is out can be a total pain to light well - the back FOH bars are overshadowed by the balcony. Access to the main FOH bar is extremely limited and not ideal. Designers would be strongly advised to stick with the rep plot for FOH and concentrate on above stage elements.

Lighting inventory: Large number of fixed degree Source 4s, and some Jr zooms and parnels. Two Varilite VL1000 moving lights, and two I-Cue moving mirrors - these are in below average condition, and may or may not work (ditto the VL1000s). Never design a show that will absolutely require these fixtures. Rest of stock are Altmans and assorted instruments (Strand Codas, etc). Sometimes 3 x color changers (High End Color Merges) are available (but again, not always in working condition). See OFA website for full inventory.