Originally complied by Courtney Thompson and Andrea Tsurumi - Fall 2006

Online implementation by Nick Shearer - Summer/Fall 2007

The authors would like to give a special thanks to the following fabulous tech theatre people here at Harvard, who have contributed to the original handbook and made it possible:

Blase Ur, Melissa Goldman, Tom Osborne, Ben Clark, Todd Weekley, Julia Morton, Casey Lurtz, Peyton Sherwood, Kim Weber, Dave Jewett, Anthony Phelps, Sabrina Chou, Margaret Wang, HRDC, the A.R.T., HRGS&P, HTAG, Liz Dean, Michael Griggs, Sophia Wang, Alex Furer, Nick Shearer, Josh Randall, The Backstage Handbook, Sarah Eggleston, Rowan Dorin, and everyone else who helped with this handbook.

Dedicated to: Alan Symonds, designer, technician, advisor, friend. He was Harvard Theatre 1965-2006.