This is the Harvard-Radcliffe Technical Theatre Handbook, a collaborative resource for all jobs in technical theatre. We have tried to include as many things in it as possible, yet with the expectation that this information may change in the coming years, as new people are appointed and new techniques found, etc. It is a work in progress.

We encourage that, as time goes on and more people use this handbook, they add to it, or enter any pertinent changes for new policies, practices, etc. As could be expected, some people have very different methods for doing things. What is here are commonly recommended courses of action, but in terms of real-life practice, expect to find variations on these.

The best resource remains, of course, the theater supervisors and your fellow techies --who are more than happy to answer any and all questions. A very good way of getting introduced to all this is to assist a designer on a show. Everyone has been a new techie at one point or another. Everyone learns by trying out new things and seeing how they work. Experiment, consult others, and use common sense. You are not expected to know everything first off --- so never be afraid to ask for advice or help. And have fun! There's no love like techie love. Cheers, - A.T. & C.T.