Set Design

Set design is an important part of almost any theatre production, as almost every show will utilize some sort of set, however minimal. Sets can be abstract, highly realistic, or anything in between, and they are a chance for a designer to showcase interesting concepts, new techniques, and unusual materials. The primary function of a set, of course, is to provide the audience with some context for the play, but it can also be a chance to create something stunning to draw in the audience.

The most important thing to remember as a set designer is to be innovative and original; inspiration can come from almost anything or any place, and you should never stop thinking about creative ways to help tell a story. As set designer, you not only have to create a concept that is in line with the director’s vision, but you also have to decide how it will be built, painted, and decorated. The look of the stage as a whole is largely your responsibility, and it can be as interesting as your imagination and ingenuity can make it.