Vendors and Suppliers

A somewhat brief but hopefully useful list of local suppliers for stage supplies and equipment. NB - the world of equipment supply and rental is complicated, and often confusing. Many students can end up paying far more than they may have to because they negotiated their rentals directly. Even if the OFA or the HRDC isn't financing your show directly you should still contact the appropriate staff members to discuss your options. The ability to get a good price and service is often dependent on who you know, and the chances are the OFA staff or Michael Griggs know more people than you.

Barbizon Barbizon are a good choice for lighting equipment sales and support, particularly when you're looking for a larger purchase.

High Output High Output are a sales and rental firm - Harvard previously had an extremely good relationship with them, and was able to negotiate rates and free delivery. However, they have since moved their warehouse away from Cambridge, and no longer offer the previous incentives. Probably not your first choice for small rentals, but worth consulting for projects involving broadcast/power, large (five figure) rentals, or wet-hire.

ALPS Advanced Lighting Production Services - the place to go for most lighting rental needs.

Port Lighting Port is based in New Hampshire, but has great service and equipment. They can sometimes undercut ALPS and High Output in terms of price and availability. They have a substantial range of intelligent and LED fixtures. Definitely one to ring up for a quote if your project is looking to hire in $1000+ of lighting gear.

Backstage Hardware The place to go for lighting gel, paint, and stage hardware. The friendliest staff and great service, including same-day courier of orders at very reasonable cost. Well worth a visit too via the Silver Line at the Boston Design Center. If you're buying your gel from anywhere else you're doing a great local shop a disservice.