Welcome to HTCTC

The Harvard Tai Chi Tiger Crane Club offers weekly classes in Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Chi Kung. Join our mailing list for info about class times and locations, or e-mail Scott Kaneshiro (skkanesh@gmail.com) or Kelly Maeshiro (kellymaeshiro@gmail.com) for more info.

Our weekly class is on every Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30-6:00pm in Adams House Senior Common Room. The course is free and requires no prior knowledge.


Founded by Center for Wellness, now Tai-Chi class is offered in the yard by Master Yon Lee on Mondays from 5-6pm in from of Memorial Church. For information, please see this.

Interview on Master Yon Lee, by Art Park, class of 1988 and a co-founding member of Harvard Radcliffe Tiger Crane Kung Fu Club in 1984 (original name of HTCTC). The interview took place over the weekend of November 12, 2009 at Master&prime s residence in Quincy, Massachusetts. Mr. Park, an attorney by profession and grew up in New Jersey, was visiting from Manila in the Philippines.

As part of the new Harvard Shaolin Cultural Exhcange Program between Harvard University and the Shaolin Temple of China, seven Harvard students travelled to the Shaolin temple this June. Click here to learn more about the Exchange and upcoming guest martial artists and lecturers!