10/28 Announcements

1. First Belt Test, Tuesday Nov 3DATE CHANGE
The first belt test is only a week away! Note that the date has changed from this week Tuesday to next week Tuesday. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
Also, note that the belt test will replace Tuesday practice next week. If you aren’t testing, come out and support your teammates!
If this is your first belt test with us, there are no fees for you! Otherwise, please keep an eye out for an email on belt testing fees.
2. Late Sign up for Cornell Tournament (Sunday, November 8th)
If you would still like to sign up for the Cornell tournament, sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/J3A5U7igDK. We would like to encourage everyone to sign up! Away tournaments are such an excellent experience, and have been some of our favorite college memories~  Late sign up will incur a $10 late fee. Tournament costs are as follows:
Competing, Not driving: $45
Competing, Driving: $30
Spectating, Not Driving: $20
Spectating, Driving: FREE!
As always, if costs pose a burden to you, email Clara (treasurer.htkd@gmail.com). Please note that the bulk of tournament fees do come from Tournament Registration fees ($30 per competitor) and that the rest of fees go to help cover car rental fees and hotel rooms.
note: if you cancel after the sign-up deadline, you are responsible for 50% of the fee. If you cancel within two days before, you are responsible for the whole fee.
3. HTKD Halloween/October Birthday Party
The end of October brings HTKD’s cherished tradition of the Halloween/October-Birthday party! There will be plenty of food, drinks, games, and excellent company, so do save the date! Wear a costume! It will be held on Friday, October 30th in Pfoho, Comstock 401. If you need help getting there, text/call Kayi at 4843623530.
4. Office Hours
Sign up for office hours! We will match you to a more experienced team member, who can help you out with anything you might be having trouble with, or give you more personalized instruction on anything you want to work on. You can sign up for one-on-one sessions, or sign up in a small group. If you would like to sign up, email Aisha ( secretary.htkd@gmail.com ) with days and times that work for you, what in particular you would like to work on, and if there is a specific team member that you would like to work with.
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