Harvard Taekwondo

Harvard Taekwondo (HTKD) is Harvard’s one and only Taekwondo club.  As one of the largest martial arts clubs on campus, HTKD provides a vibrant environment for learning and training in World Taekwondo (WT) style Taekwondo.  Undergraduates and graduate students train together to learn the beauty of the sport, get in and stay in shape, test for new belts, perform, compete, and more!  We welcome all members of the Harvard community to join our club, so please don’t hesitate to reach out or join our practices if you are at all interested!

Because Harvard Taekwondo is a USAT registered club and an official dojang, we do charge dues each semester. However, we also prioritize making Harvard Taekwondo accessible for all who want to join, so if fees are prohibitive, we offer to waive fees (contact our treasurer at treasurer.htkd@gmail.com). Furthermore, as you look to progress by testing and competing, we ask that you train at least twice a week in order to continue to develop your skills. We also highly encourage members to participate and attend tournaments! Whether it is in forms and/or sparring, tournaments are some of the best opportunities to put to the test what you learn in class and improve. They are also some of the most fun times of the club as we travel together, get up to shenanigans, and just have an awesome overall experience.

For more information, keep reading, or get in touch at president.htkd@gmail.com.


We typically hold 3 regular practices a week and up to 3 demo practices a week, with additional times/office hours announced regularly over our email list.  Our classes are taught both by our instructors and student instructors, and incorporate Taekwondo foundational work, such as basic kicks, blocks, and stances, competition forms (poomsae) and competition sparring (kyorugi).  In classes, we work on everything from flexibility to strength training to agility exercises, calisthenics, cardio fitness, hand techniques, foot techniques, performance and more.  By showing up consistently to practices, you are guaranteed to improve your Taekwondo but also make friends and get to know the rest of the team.


Harvard Demo is one of the most sought after performance groups on campus, and incorporates traditional Taekwondo elements with dance and flashier Taekwondo moves seamlessly into bedazzling choreography.  Demo performs multiple times each semester (sometimes booked weekend after weekend!) for various cultural associations and events on campus.  Taekwondo demos consist of things like flying and spinning kicks, board breaks, choreographed fight sequences, and swell moves.  Anyone who’s committed to learning their Taekwondo basics and showing up often to demo practices is sure to shine in performances!


Harvard Taekwondo competes in the Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference (ECTC), which has 5 tournaments a year with competitive events in both poomsae and sparring.  You can learn more about the league at their website www.ectc-online.org.  Competitions are for all belt levels and are a great opportunity to work towards and track one’s own improvement.  Competition days are exciting, fun to watch, and guaranteed to let you get to know just how cool the team is (hint: very cool).  We also sometimes send members to other competitions, such as National Collegiate Taekwondo Association Championships (NCTA), Northeastern Technical Poomsae Championships, and others.  As long as we have members who are interested in going, we’ll be sure to find a way to get there!

Socials/Team Atmosphere

Harvard Taekwondo also regularly hosts socials for members so we can get to know each other in meaningful ways and create a community.  We value inclusivity and kindness and make it our priority to support our teammates both on and off the mat.


Harvard Taekwondo was founded by five black belts in 1999 who were looking to train in the World Taekwondo (WT) style.  Since 1999, Harvard Taekwondo has kept a strong tradition of combining student instruction with world-class coaching to provide the best Taekwondo learning environment that we can.

Below are a list of our founders and presidents:

Founders (1999): Chris Shim, Kathy Chuang, Jeanie Yoon, Brian Kim, and Ed Yoo

1999-2000 Christopher Shim

2002-2003 William Wright

2003-2004 Patricia Hernandez

2004-2005 Carl Desir

2005-2006 Diana Hudak

2006-2007 Daniel Shalev

2007-2008 Victor Joseph

2008-2009 Anh-Khoa Tran

2009-2010 Henry Xie

2010-2011 Eleanor Martin

2011-2012 Margaret Armato

2012-2013 Alice Shen

2014 Taehwon Shin

2015 David Song & Kayi Okine

2016 Noemi Urquiza & Jeffrey Ling

2017-2019 Memie Osuga

2020 Jane Ahn

2021 Cinthya Meza