Fall 2014 Registration!

Welcome to Harvard Taekwondo (HTKD)! It’s great to have you! We’re looking forward to training with you this semester!

Please register for HTKD here by 11:59pm on Friday, September 19. Additionally, please fill out the waiver form here and return it to any HTKD board member.

Our practice schedule is as follows:

Mon 8:20-9:55 PM in the [MAC Mezz] – Poomsae Specialized Class – Master Jang
Tues 8:00-9:30 PM in the [QRAC] – Flexibility and Conditioning/Strength – Elektra Markogiannakis
Wednesday 8:00-9:30 PM in the [QRAC] –Self-Defense and Sparring Technique – Master Tang
Thurs 8:00-9:30 PM in the [QRAC] – Basics and Upperbelt Training and Drills – Student Instructors
Sat 3:00-4:30 PM in the [MAC Mezz] – Self-Defense and Sparring Technique – Master Tang

Calendar: You have access to the calendar here, which includes all of our practices and events. Subscribe to it to make sure that you never miss a practice!

Attendance: Attendance will be taken by the board every at every practice, and will be considered when you are applying for a belt promotion.

Uniforms: All new members will receive a dobok (uniform), which in included in your registration fee. You can pick them up from any HTKD board member, so be sure to come out!

Belt Tests: We hold belt tests twice a semester, which give you a chance to show off your TKD and obtain a new belt level. More details to come!

Tournaments: We attend several ECTC (Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference) competitions every semester (i.e. at MIT, Cornell, Princeton, and more)! They are completely safe, and beginners are strongly encouraged to participate! Poomsae is scored individually, while sparring is in teams of 3 people.

Demo Team: Our fantastic demo team focuses on the tricking aspect of TKD. Joining gives you the opportunity to learn and perform all the bad-ass kicks you see in the movies at various cultural events!

Email Lists: You have all been added to two email lists:

HTKD-members: This is used for any official HTKD-related business and announcements.

HTKD-open: This is for anything and everything else! Jokes, GIFs, meeting up for dinner, or secret-ish messages to that cute guy/girl. Please keep pubbing to a minimum.

Social Events: HTKD holds many great socials throughout the year! The first one is coming up soon; details to follow. This is a great way to get to know the people you’re kicking at practice, so be sure to come!

Newsletter: Check out our annual newsletter here to find out more!

Can’t wait to start kicking with you guys! Let us know if you have any question.

-HTKD Board

Taehwan Shin | President | president.htkd@gmail.com

Samuel Kim | Vice President | vicepresident.htkd@gmail.com

David Song | Treasurer | socialchair.htkd@gmail.com

Ashwin Skelly | Registration Chair | register.htkd@gmail.com

Kayi Okine | Equipment Chair | equipmentchair.htkd@gmail.com

Anna Zhao | Tournament Chair | tournamentchair.htkd@gmail.com

Jeffrey Ling | Webmaster | webmaster.htkd@gmail.com

Sydney Butler | Publicity Chair | publicity.htkd@gmail.com

Jimmy Jiang | Social Chair | socialchair.htkd@gmail.com

Clara Chen | Secretary | secretary.htkd@gmail.com

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