Executive Board

Memie Osuga


Class of 2020 | Adams House

Memie is a black belt from NYC, Harvard class of 2020, living in Adams House. She studies animation within Harvard’s VES department and spends most of her non-class time on various Taekwondo related things. Harvard Taekwondo actively improves her life and she’s excited to share the awesomeness of the martial art with anyone who is interested!

Jane Ahn

Vice President

Class of 2021 | Lowell House

Jane is a sophomore from Palo Alto, California. She started taekwondo in her freshman year and is grateful to have met a wonderful team! Jane is looking forward to more practices, tournaments, belt tests, and socials 🙂 She is studying math and computer science, and she enjoys eating and sleeping, just like everyone else.

Jun Jang


Class of 2021 | Eliot House

Jun is a sophomore (2021) in Eliot House studying computer science. He started tae kwon do his freshman year. In his free time, Jun enjoys playing guitar.

Erin Kim


Class of 2019 | Currier House

Erin is a senior in Currier studying Molecular Cellular Biology. Through HTKD Erin hopes to learn new techniques. In her free time Erin loves getting frozen yogurt at Berryline.

John Lim

Tournament Chair

Grad Student | Harvard Extension School

John started taekwondo when he was young in Korea then, started again after graduating undergrad. John studied Information Sciences and Technology with Security Risks and Anaylsis minor during his undergrad and Information Management at Harvard. He works as a software developer at a pharmaceutical company building clinical trials. He enjoys rock climbing, aerial circus and acrobatics. He also enjoys playing guitar if time allows.

Rebecca Hao

Demo Chair

Class of 2020 | Currier House

Rebecca is a sophomore in Currier studying Computer Science and Linguistics with a secondary in Neurobiology, and is especially excited about intersections between brains, technology, and language [if any or all of these even vaguely interest you, please talk to her!]. She’s always admired martial arts and was initially pulled in because the previous demo chair convinced her to do kpop-inspired Taekwondo (BTS, specifically), and since, she’s fallen for the spirit of the team and personal improvement — Taekwondo has brought her friends she loves, much more flexibility, confidence, strength, and lots more (looking forward to what else it’ll bring)~ When she isn’t doing Taekwondo or trying to study or do work, she’s either taking walks (and thinking), singing (in a group, or to herself), dancing (KPOP!), eating (anything), cleaning her room (aka procrastinating), or reading (<3).

Cecil Myers

Equipment Chair

Class of 2021 | Dunster House

Cecil is a sophomore in Dunster from McKeesport, PA. He is studying Environmental Engineering with a citation in Mandarin Chinese. During his time in HTKD, he plans on becoming more flexible, helping the club grow in membership, and earning a black belt! This year, he’s most excited to spar and dive deeper into the world of engineering. Outside of HTKD, Cecil works for Dorm Crew, tutors, is a member of Native Americans at Harvard College (NAHC) and Harvard for Environmental Justice (HUEJ), enjoys drawing, painting, and exercising. His core belief is that tomatoes belong in fruit salads.

Julie Ngauv

Publicity Chair

Class of 2020 | Dunster House

Julie is from Lynn, MA. She is in the Class of 2020, resides in Dunster House, and is a pre-med History concentrator. Julie started taekwondo as a freshman, and she’s super excited to continue this journey for the next two years (and beyond)! She’s also an expert at peeling clementines and has been described as “small but savage.”