Executive Board


Julie Ngauv

Publicity Chair

Class of 2020 | Dunster House

Julie is from Lynn, Massachusetts. She just started taekwondo as a freshman, and she’s super excited to continue this journey for the next four years (and beyond)! Julie is not quite sure what she wants to concentrate in yet, because she wants to learn everything… (But probably MCB. She is yet another premed.) She sings, plays violin, and likes learning languages. Someday she will travel the world!

    John Lim

    Tournament Chair

    Grad Student | Harvard Extension School

    John started taekwondo when he was young in Korea then, started again after graduating undergrad. John studied Information Sciences and Technology with Security Risks and Anaylsis minor during his undergrad and Information Management at Harvard. He works as a software developer at a pharmaceutical company building clinical trials. He enjoys rock climbing, aerial circus and acrobatics. He also enjoys playing guitar if time allows.

      Erin Kim


      Class of 2019 | Currier House

      Erin is a sophomore in Currier hailing from New York. She is studying Molecular Cellular Biology. In her free time Erin likes sleeping and trying new foods.


        Memie Osuga


        Class of 2020 | Adams House

        Memie is a 1st dan black belt from New York City.  Memie’s taekwondo journey has come a long way, from being scared of the dojang as a small child to a taekwondo enthusiast eager to prove that Taekwondo is for everyone.  Memie’s undecided about her concentration, but is interested in a number of things.  She plays cello and piano and also enjoys animation.

          Smarak Maity

          GSAS Board President and Liason