HTKD Alumni

If you are an alumni of HTKD, feel free to e-mail us a picture of yourself and a short description or update of where you are and what you’re up to now!

Chris Shim

Greetings from St. Louis! A quick update on my life since walking in 2002/graduating in 2003: spent the past two years in Washington, DC, first at Georgetown, then on Capitol Hill, and finally at the Red Cross. Alas, the midwest now beckons, and I find myself in law school at Washington University in Saint Louis. I admit there are times when I feel like Elle Woods, or wonder if I got the King James version of my textbooks, but for the most part, I’m making more eye contact and furrowing my brow less and less as the days go by. Here is the evil castle where the sun teases me through Venetian blinds:

Along the way to law school I spent ten weeks in a little place called hell on earth, namely Officer Candidate School, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. I graduated and accepted my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps; after law school I will serve for four years in the JAG Corps, hopefully in some kind of humanitarian relief capacity (a la Katrina, Kabul or Karbala). Here is what I did (I was class189):

Patrick Lenehan (’05)

I’m collecting an MD from the University of Vermont. If all goes well, I should be outta here in four years with a stethescope around my neck, a dream in my heart…and a Magners in my hand. I’m training with UVM’s TKD club.P.S. This picture is a foreshadowing of what’s to come…namely me, along with my darker counterpart, to a couple of TKD parties.



JJ Kang (’05)

Yeah, ’05! I am in San Francisco working at Fibrogen. I am a Research Associate – at least that’s what it says on my business card, but then again, they asked me what I’d like the title to be, so that doesn’t mean much. I’m at this biotech for two years rotating through various departments- right now in research, then clinical development, business development, intellectual property, etc. Then I’m off to Caltech, presumably for a phD in chemistry.




Lily Kang (’03)

Lily says hello to all you beautiful TKD peoples from pre-lawyer land. Since graduating in 2003, her nomadic spirit has taken her from the under the grips of a tyrannical French pastry chef to chocolate-filled Belgian travels to a short stint as an educational “consultant” (aka. Glorified SAT teacher/babysitter) at a Seoul start-up company. She would have been content leading this rootless, meandering existence for an indefinite period of time until one morning, the cold stark reality hit that she needed to make money to buy life’s necessities, like little sweaters and manicures for her toy chihuahua and iPod accessories. Thus, her life realizations have led her to the path of joining society’s legions of groomed lawyers. She likens her past year as a first-year law student at USC to “an unending gauntlet for the brain.” Due to this extreme mental activity, all martial arts endeavors have sadly come to a grinding halt, but on adventurous days, she sometimes logs onto the HTKD website and fondly remembers the days when she could still touch her toes.In the meantime, Lily will happily be spending the summer working in energy and telecommunications regulation in the beautiful city of San Francisco, hopefully to be applying some of the starry-eyed idealism she developed with such proficiency as an ESPP graduate. She will be returning to the throes of South Central LA in August to brave another year of law school, and encourages everyone to come visit her where it never really drops below 60 all year. She’s not kidding.

On a sentimental note, Lily would like to thank HTKD for the lasting bonds of friendship it has given her and for spare dobok bottoms, which handily double as pajamas pants when she runs out of clean laundry. She would like to thank her former teammates for giving her a handle on reality during her strange journey through 2005.

(Contact: lily.kang (at)


Andrea Tsai (’03)

After some summer traveling, Dre will be headed off to sample all that Duke and North Caccalacca have to offer. People should definitely visit her, and she will make sure you have a blast if you do. As always, email andrea.tsai (at) if you want to reach her! 





Will Wright (’03)

I am in Los Angeles and plan to be there for at least the next two years working as a healthcare consultant with big, and surprisingly not-so-evil, managed care companies. I abandoned plans for biology graduate school after the experience of labwork lost all of its appeal and now plan on going to school for a degree in public policy.I have also restarted training in Hwa Rang Do, which is what I originally did when he was in LA. Last summer, in August, I went to Korea with my school. I still cannot tell if the kimchi and soju makes Koreans so energetic or if the energy of Koreans produced kimchi and soju just as an outlet for all their fire. I also met up with Patricia Hernandez while in Seoul and bumbled through the experience of finding a restaurant that served cold noodles after having learned how to read Korean a few days before.


Damian Moskovitz (’01)

As a member of the original team, I’m so glad to see how it has grown over the years. After leaving Cambridge and moving back to my hometown of Berkeley, I resumed practice at the school at which I first learned to kick: UC Berkeley. With numerous national titles and national champions in its ranks, working out here has always been a humbling as well as inspiring experience, but I decided it was time at the ripe old age of 25 to put TKD aside for activities in which one can’t very well engage when one is constantly getting injured: tango and yoga.Though I can’t say I miss the injuries, I do miss the sport as well as the camaraderie. Meanwhile, I just finished my first year of a PhD in clinical psychology at UC Berkeley. I hope all of you former teammates are doing well, wherever you are, and I look forward to seeing some of you at reunion next year. Go Harvard!