MIT Results!

Congrats HTKD for an awesome first tournament of the year! First things first: HTKD won 1st place team in our division!!!!
  • In Women’s Blue Belt Poomsae, Noemí Urquiza earned BRONZE and Kayi Okine took GOLD with their beautiful poomsae!
  • In Men’s Yellow Belt Poomsae, Thomas Lively earned GOLD!
  • In Women’s Black Belt Poomsae, Laurie Lai took home a splendid SILVER in a competitive field!
  • Great job to all the other poomsae competitors, and a strong showing from new members! Allison Tsay in Women’s Black Belt, David Song in Men’s Black Belt, Erin Kim and Cameron Comrie in Women’s Red Belt, Phong Nguyen in Men’s Red Belt, Jeffrey Ling in Men’s Blue Belt, Jacky Austermann in Women’s Green Belt, Aisha Suara, Ioana Zelko, Allura Landsberg in Women’s Yellow Belt, and Jak Magaud in Men’s White Belt.
  • Women’s B1 (Erin, Cameron, Clara Chen) earned BRONZE with a semifinals finish! A terrific accomplishment for the team, and their fight to the top brought some really flashy head kicks! Thanks to Kayi for fighting solo as Women’s B2!
  • Men’s A1 (Seth Villanueva, Akshay Swaminathan) also fought some really exciting matches against black belts. Seth showed off some awesome spinning moves and Akshay destroyed his first opponent. Props to Akshay for his first A team match! Thanks to Men’s A2 (Kevin Lee) for participating as well!
  • Men’s C1 (Thomas and Jak) fought tough matches against some brutal opponents.
  • Women’s C1 (Aisha, Sydney Butler) and Women’s C2 (Jacky, Ioana) also fought well! Jacky landed an awesome back kick!
  • Men’s B1 (Jeffrey, Phong, Elton Lossner) ran into several heavy opponents – props to Elton and Phong for fighting guys much heavier and bigger!
Thank you to Master Tang, Coach Ho, Yi-Pin, Master Jang, Sean, Tae, and many others for coming out to support and coach the team throughout the tournament!
Congrats to everyone for making MIT such a success! It was awesome seeing all of the new members and we’re excited for what we’ll be able to accomplish in future tournaments. We hope to see you at all Cornell!
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