Harvard GSAS Taiwan (ROC) Student Association is a student organization dedicated to sharing a warm and inclusive community of people from Taiwan, overseas Chinese, and friends interested in Taiwanese and Chinese culture. Our main goals are to facilitate a smooth transition for Taiwanese students to the school and life here in Boston, cultivate community building, and to promote Taiwanese culture to the communities within and outside of Harvard. Through a series of social, intellectual, and cultural events, we hope to promote lifelong friendships, provide a platform for exchange of ideas on diverse current issues, share our rich culture, and embrace everyone in a welcoming, home-like atmosphere. HTROCSA encourages everyone to join our big family!



As a non-profit organization, HTROCSA is mainly funded by the Harvard Graduate Student Council and TECO-Boston. HTROCSA also welcomes donations. If you are interested in sponsoring our events, please contact us at htrocsc@gmail.com

Generous donors like you enable HTROCSA to continually serve Harvard students and the local community to spread our passion for Taiwanese culture.

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