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若有任何問題需要聯絡同學會幹部, 都歡迎來信.  本會活動通常由 email 發布,請會員及朋友們記得訂閱以下 mailing lists:

  • HTROCSC-Announce : 活動公布(同學會活動、演講、演奏會…等事項
  • HTROCSC-List : 一般會員交流(工作資訊、二手買賣…等事項)

我們也會發布新消息在同學會的 Facebook Group 上, 歡迎大家加入.

加入會員方式: 請繳交會費 $15/year, 即可享有會員福利! (可在各個同學會活動繳交)

Welcome to Harvard Taiwan Student Club!
If you would like to contact us, please e-mail us.  Generally, we publicize events through e-mail, so please subscribe to the following mailing lists:

  • HTROCSC-Announce : Event announcement (club events, talks, concerts, etc)
  • HTROCSC-List : Member discussion(job info, housing info, moving sales, etc)

We also post news on our Facebook group page.

To become a member: Please pay the annual membership fee of $15 at any club events. You will be able to enjoy member benefits!

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