The Thirties

Director Guy V. Slade '32, Manager L. F. Hubbard '31, Drill master G. V. Slade '32, Drum Major G. V. Slade '32. With Guy Slade as director, baton twirler, and drill master, 74 letters are spelled during football season. The word "Welcome" is learned and formed in five minutes at the stadium game with Michigan. Arthur Fiedler is appointed conductor of the Boston Pops. Band marches as only guest band in American Legion Parade.
Director Guy V. Slade '32, Manager C.E. Smith '33, Drill Master G.V. Slade '32, Drum Major G.V. Slade '32. Band sets national record by forming 76 letters during football season. Slade tosses baton over goal posts 40 times without a miss in a two-year period. The Empire State Building opens. Band plays for Stanford as their band against Dartmouth.
Director Leroy Anderson '29, Manager D. Pitcher '33, Drill Master G.V. Slade '32, Drum Major W. Tabler '36. "Wintergreen for President," arranged by Leroy Anderson, is first performed. Franklin D. Roosevelt '04 is elected President. Other Anderson medleys emerge. First glock joins the Band.
Director Leroy Anderson '29, Manager E. Cutter '34, Drill Master G.V. Slade '32, Drum Major W. Tabler '36. Band marches in civic NRA parade, lit by fire department's truck from behind so the Band can read music. Band serves as Eastern band on N.E. Baker's unemployment relief national broadcast, picked up from Sanders Theater. Hitler comes to power in Germany.
Director Leroy Anderson '29, Manager M. Seymour '35, Drill Master G.V. Slade '32, Drum Major W. Tabler '36. Band switches uniform from crimson sweaters, bow ties, and sailor hats to long ties, dark coats, and white trousers. U.S. Marines are withdrawn from Haiti.
Director Leroy Anderson '29, Manager R. Collins '36, Drill Master G.V. Slade '32, Drum Major W. Tabler '36. The Social Security Act is passed. Leroy Anderson chooses as his successor the only bandsman able to start the ensemble without the use of a roll-off.
Director Robert W. Snyder '38, Manager H.M. Irwin '37, Drill Master W. Tabler '39, Drum Major H.M. Irwin '37. Band plays for Tercentenary activities, including football exhibition, Charles River procession, parade to Yard, and formal exercises. Anderson's "Tercentenaria" is first performed. Jesse Owens wins four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics. Band first plays for basketball games.
Director Robert W. Snyder '38, Manager M.B. Leggett '38, Drill Master W. Tabler '39, Drum Major R.A. Mansfielf '38. Band travels to Baltimore for Navy game. Authenticity of big Bass Drum is questioned in the press, especially the New Yorker. Amelia Earhart disappears. Leroy Anderson arranges more pieces.
Director James C. Gahan '36, Manager C.D. Duffy, Jr. '39, Drill Master W. Tabler '39, Drum Major J.S. Lanigan '39. Anderson arranges new Cornell and Princeton medleys for their respective games. Other original arrangements done by Elkan Turk '39 for the Virginia game and Schyler Pardee '39 for the Yale game. Band spells "We are wet" at game during downpour. Hitler annexes Austria.
Director James C. Gahan '36, Manager R.M. Peebles '40, Drill Master J.W. Holt DMD '42, Drum Major T. Sendak '40. Two new bass drums and officer's white coats are provided by Band Trust. Hitler invades Poland, starting World War II. New music includes Penn Medley, second Dartmouth Medley, and Service Medley (for Army game) by Anderson, and music for Yale by Harold Shapero '41. Princeton trip includes New York via boat, concert at Harvard Club of NYC. At Yale, Band spells "Harvard" moving the length of field with a different Harvard song for each letter, and forms E-L-I in script (as if skywriting).
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