The Forties

Director James W. Holt DMD '42, Manager W.P. Bernton '41, Drill Master M.P. Brown MBA '42, Drum Majors J.S. Lanigan '39 and S. Cowan '42. R.D. Fosberg '41 arranges medleys for Amherst, Michigan, Dartmouth, and Brown games, later featuring "Little Brown Jug" as fugue. Joing drill with Michigan band at Cambridge. The British invent radar. Draft regulations produce "We're in the Army Now" at Army game. Joint H and Y perform Star Spangled Banner together for the first time at Yale.
Director James W. Holt DMD '42, Manager T.C. Peebles '42, Drill Master M.P. Brown MBA '42, Drum Major S. Cowan '42. Band salutes Red Cross (a departure from rule of never supporting national organizations). Spells "Keep 'em Flying" for Navy and forms airplane with drum major twirling baton as the propeller. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor and the U.S. enters the war.
Director Malcolm Holmes '28, Manager J. Mead '43, Drill Master G.V. Slade '32, Drum Major S. Cowan '42. Band leads 4,000 men from Harvard units onto field for Army game; new Service Medley by Anderson dedicated to all Harvard men in uniform. U.S. wins the Battle of Midway; invades North Africa. Band plays two Yard concerts with Glee Club in May, meets informally during summer and twice plays twilight serenades for Navy in Yard.
Naval unit band takes over. Ed Chastagner, member of Pierian and Band, serves as drum major and drill master. Naval unit band includes civilian members, among them John Finnegan '47. Allies invades Italy in '43, then Normandy in '44; the Philippine Islands are recaptured.
Transitional period. Ersatz group performs at ersatz football season (two games). Allies win the war.
Director Malcolm Holmes '28, Manager T. Howard '47, Drill Master G.V. Slade '32, Drum Major J.A. Finnegan '47. Band reformed after three-year lapse by Tom B. Howard '48, french horn, and Jay Skinner '48, baritone horn. Malcolm Holmes and Guy Slade are persuaded to return to revitalize the Band. Nazi leaders put on trial at Nuremburg. Band records "Ivy League" album. John Finnegan, later Band arranger for twelve years, joins the Band.
Director Malcolm Holmes '28, Manager W.J. Skinner '48, Drill Master J.R. Overcash '49, Drum Major W. Reinhardt '47. Band performs concert in Richmond before Virginia game, with a brief performance on the Capitol steps in Washington during the same trip. Holst's "Suite in E Flat" and Anderson's "Radcliffiana" performed in Symphony Hall in concert with Radcliffe Choral Society. Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier. Paul Touchette, Cambridge fireman and future bandie for fourteen years, joins the Band.
Director Malcolm Holmes '28, Manager J. Borgatti '49, Drill Master J.R. Overcash '49, Student Conductor R.E. Herrman '50, Drum Major W. Reinhardt '47. Band plays Symphony Hall concert, featuring C. Rossiter '52 as bagpiper. Jack Finnegan's new medleys for Boston University and Rutgers are played. The nation of Israel is established in Palestine.
Director Malcolm Holmes '28, Manager P. Finney '50, Student Conductor R.E. Herrman '50. Band holds 30th reunion at Army game. Communists under Mao Tse-tung are victorious in the Chinese Revolution. Football Band is 150 strong. Band records Cushing Academy songs, arrangements by Jack Finnegan. Performs in New York for National Association of Manufacturers.
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