The Sixties

Director James Walker AMT '63, Manager P. Johnson '61, Drill Master R. Haedrich '61, Student Conductor P. Cobb AM '62, Drum Major S. Barnes '62. James Walker assumes direction of Band; his Midwestern background becomes a mine for humorous show material. Dean's office forbids presence of women on overnight Band trips. Communist guerrillas from North Vietnam launch attacks on the South. Concert band operates with restricted membership, inaugurates concert series at Boston Latin School (without headmaster in audience) and concerts in Concord and Barnstable. Spring tour features bone-jarring ride to Milwaukee and Chicago. Sanders Spring Concert highlights include Prokofiev, Hanson, Hovhaness, Williams, Holst, and Berlioz.
Director James Walker AMT '63, Manager B. Shirk '62, Drill Master M. Marmor '62, Student Conductor P. Cobb AM '62, Drum Major S. Barnes '62. First annual Columbia riot takes place when overzealous HUB prop crew destroys Columbia's mock drum. Band forming bunny appears in Playboy; New York Times features "male" and "female" symbols formed by the Band. New soda machine in the Band Room dispenses beer. Band truck bites the dust and is sold for a pittance. Band records "Salute to the Ivy." Wind Ensemble is organized. The Berlin Wall is constructed. Band threatens to boycott Commencement activities. Band uniform changes to dark pants, much to the consternation of returning alumni.
Director James Walker AMT '63, Manager E. Alpers '63, Drill Master S. Saltonstall '63, Student Conductor P. Farrow '64, Drum Major A. Salvo '64. Harvard Athletic Association underwrites cost of truck, police escort, and free "date" tickets for all home games. Band gets itself arrested again at yale, but this time, bandsmen bring bail money with them. Kennedy faces Cuban Missile Crisis. Separate Wind Ensemble concerts begin. Concert Band plays at Thayer Academy, Lexington, New Hampton, and Wayland.
Director James Walker AMT '63, Manager E. Flitton '64, Drill Master D. Ward '64, Student Conductor P. Farrow '64, Drum Major R. Rosen '65. Heads of Bass Drum shrink off for tenth time, forcing Band to acquire plastic heads. Band travels to New York Harvard Club by train before the yale game; word of Kennedy's assassination filters through the train. Show was to have been on political troubles of a "Son of Harvard." Somber yale game is held one week late; Band plays Trauersinfonie by Wagner.
Director James Walker AMT '63, Manager B. Herr '65, Drill Master T. Whyatt '65, Student Conductor D. Solosko '65, Drum Major R. Rosen '65. 45th reunion deluges Band with alumni. Band installs large instrument cabinets. Athletic Department agrees to pay for meals and lodging on away trips. Band plays Carnegie Hall with Columbia band, premiers Copland's "Emblems" for the East Coast. HUB Foundation formed, with Leroy Anderson as first president. Warren Report says Oswald acted in Kennedy's assassination.
Director James Walker AMT '63, Manager C. Case '66, Drill Master D. Adcock '66, Student Conductor J. Gerdes '66, Drum Major L. Grenzeback '68. Watts erupts in race riots. Band shifts to social commentary and avant garde wit at football games (from medleys and original musical material). Band is invited to play in two performances at Boston's "Winterfest" in New War Memorial Auditorium. Spring Tour takes Band through Northeast to Washington, D.C., and Cleveland. University agrees to "hire" Band for commencement week.
Director James Walker AMT '63, Manager L. Nadler '67, Drill Master H. Quigley '67, Student Conductor N. Miller '67. Drum Major L. Grenzeback '68. Last-minute cancellation of Cornell band results in fifteen minute halftime Sousa show (loyal fans expecting the best -- or worse -- react obstreperously to the sight of the Band merely playing -- no naughties). U.S. maintains heavy bombing of North Vietnam. Concert Band "comes of age," cuts its teeth on Hindemith's Symphony in B Flat, and Kurt Weill's Three Penny Opera.
Director James Walker AMT '63, Manager J. Finley '68, Drill Master G. Sellon '68, Student Conductor D. Grimes '69, Drum Major L. Grenzeback '68. Concert Band and Wind Ensemble inaugurate Sanders Concert Series, perform Theme and Variations by Schoenberg and Tunbridge Fair by Piston. First Super Bowl is won by Green Bay.
Director James Walker AMT '63, Manager R. Whittemore '69, Drill Master D. Tuckwiller '70, Student Conductor D. Tuckwiller '70 and D. Archibald '70, Drum Major R. Cole '70. Playboy prints Band's Princeton show in full, with caption, "Wish we'd been there!" Wind Ensemble plays all Stravinsky pieces in Paine Hall Series, with Sigurd Rascher soloing. Concert Band Spring Sanders Concert "struck out" by general student strike. "Concert for Winds" album issued. Band members fly in from all parts of the country (after leaving for summer) to perform at final graveside services for Robert Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
Director James Walker AMT '63, Manager T. Feige '70, Drill Master M. Silver '70, Student Conductors D. Archibald '70 and J. Posner '71, Drum Major R. Cole '70. Band celebrates 50th reunion. General public celebrates Woodstock and the moon landing. During football season, Mickey Mouse jumps out of tuba. Formations include "HAND" goes to "JOB" as Band plays "Come Together." Schneider's Band is broken up by police in Chatham during solar eclipse. Band plays at the Varsity Drag handicap at Suffolk Downs.
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