The Eighties

Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager D. Green '81, Drill Master D. Hirshhorn '81, Student Conductor P. Torvik '81, Drum Major P. Micou '81. The Band gets thoroughly drenched as rain dampens the games at Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Brown. The US Olympic hockey team has its "miracle on ice;" the Band has its own "miracle" when it takes to the ice at yale in bathing suits and leis.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager M. Ellard '82, Drill Master D. Pinto '82, Student Conductor M. Seltzer '83, Drum Major R. Stemmens '82, Schneider J. Dotson '82. Band roster reaches 300. Band plays "Born to Run." The space shuttle Columbia successfully completes its first mission. Band eats giant chocolate moose at yale game.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager A. Murphy '83, Drill Master M. McClung '83, Student Conductor P. Reale '83, Drum Major L. Sperber '83, Schneiders K. Abbott '83 and L. Millett '83. Band plays for the Red Sox opener. Federal court ruling breaks up AT&T. ABC covers Band at Holy Cross game, deeming show "Halftime of the Week."
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager C. Clark '84, Drill Master D. O'Brien '84, Student Conductor R. Reetz '84, Drum Major E. Harris '84, Schneider R. Bloch '84. Band does show about car-bombed Marines in Lebanon and Korean Airlines flight 007 shot down by U.S.S.R. P.A. system garbles this show, and University officials threaten to student-run status of Band. Band begins submitting shows for censorship to Dean Epps. Band plays basketball halftime show at yale.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager P. O'Brien '86, Drill Master C. Warner '85, Student Conductor M. McDonald '85, Drum Major W. Moore '86, Schneider M. Shaw '85. 65th reunion. "Fight Fiercely" is introduced as a fight song at the Brown game. U.S.S.R. boycotts Los Angeles Olympics. People from I.B.M. donate money so the Band can buy a personal computer. "Toast to the Ivy" is released; the album is the first full collection of all the Ivy medleys and Harvard's fight songs.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager J. McCafferty '86, Drill Master S. Sheagren '86, Student Conductor C. Stern '86, Drum Major G. Breen '86, Schneider P. Prince '86. At sparsely attended UMass game, Band makes 3-D formations in the stands at Soldier's Field. Live Aid concert makes $70 million for African relief. Harvard hockey team makes NCAA final game at Providence, accompanied by the Band.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager A. Houck '87, Drill Master N. Jussim '87, Student Conductor R. Lowe '88, Drum Major C. Walther '87, Schneider R. Serfeddine '87. Harvard holds 350th anniversary celebrations, including the Band in the festivities. Prince Charles waves to the Band during an all-English music concert. At the NCAA Consolation game in Detroit (which Harvard wins), the Minnesota band cheers to Harvard, "That's all right; that's OK; we'll outdrink you any day." The Harvard Band responds, "But we don't like milk." Band ponchos are introduced. Charles White '74 donates money for a Band video recorder. Space Shuttle Challenger explodes.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager E. Page '88, Drill Master I. Jones '89, Student Conductor R. Lowe '88, Drum Major M. Keem '88, Schneider M. Benander '88. Coldest yale game ever leaves some bandies singing the halftime show after their instruments freeze. Legend has it that bandies turned to alum's whiskey--and put it on their valves in an attempt to unstick the frozen pieces. Despite subzero temperatures, the team captures the Ivy League crown. The first annual Ski Trip is organized. The stock market crashes.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager C. Berkenstock '89, Drill Master J. Gerace '89, Student Conductor R. Fecher '89, Drum Major J. Bernstein '89, Schneider Z. MacRunnels '89. Phil Wilson solos at the first Trombone Day. Dan Quayle becomes Vice-President. Band celebrates 69th reunion (slogan: "69 and still blowing"), plays for the Harvard-Duke basketball game. The Band plays for Harvard hockey as it captures the NCAA title in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager J. Chen '90, Drill Master J. Nicklaus '90, Student Conductor N. Whitmire '90, Drum Major P. Brown '90, Schneider D. Korfhage '90. 70th reunion. Band performs in parade for U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. "Score" is introduced as a fight song. The Berlin Wall falls. Staff fills the manager's office with worms.
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