The Nineties

Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Jim May '91, Drill Master Scott Berney '91, Student Conductor Paul Asimow '91, Drum Major Dan Hurwitz '91, Schneider Laura Brooks '91. Band plays in Cheers parade celebrating the show's 100th episode; plays for Harvard Basketball against Duke again. The Band forces its way inside Crimson for a surprise gig. U.S. forces invade Panama. Stud Con Asimow jumps to fame with "Brown-Eyed Girl" arrangement as Band makes references to Brown prostitution ring in halftime show.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Kim Petersen '92, Drill Master Jeff Schnipper '92, Student Conductor Jill Oxley '92, Drum Major Jamie Bell '92, Schneider Pete Kolovos '92. "R-A-D," arr. Finnegan, is introduced as a fight song - Band now sings "Oh Radcliffe, our alma mater..." at football games. Band "wins one for the Schnipper" as Dr. Seuss halftime show is played on National Public Radio. At yale marching practice, Band marches backwards through three feet of mud. The U.S.S.R. is disbanded. The Drum leaves for California to be fitted with new heads.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Victor Hwang '93, Drill Master Jonathan Koppell '93, Student Conductor John Pottow '93, Drum Major Dave Greene '93, Schneider Holly Blumenthal '94. The Drum returns, tanned and rested, in time for football season. Saturday Night Live trombonist Steve Turre plays at Trombone Day. Harvard singing groups join giant chorus line at yale. Band leads John Lithgow in first Arts First Parade. Manager Hwang helps found Spirit Committee at Harvard. The last line of Fair Harvard on Commencement programs reads, "Clam rising through change and through storm." (emp. added) Riots erupt in Los Angeles.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Cammie O'Connor '94, Drill Master Adam Kissel '94, Student Conductor Melika Fitzhugh '94, Drum Major Craig Coldwell '94, Schneider Holly Blumenthal '94. The Midwest is flooded. The Band plays for the dedication of the John F. Kennedy Museum, attended by the Kennedys and President Clinton. Bill waves at the Band. The Band's phone number is changed to 496-BAND. The Band travels to Minnesota for NCAA Hockey Final Four. Vice-President Al Gore conducts the Band at Commencement. The Band mourns the passing of Alice B. Tondel, "Mom."
1994 Anderson Band Center
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Anne Eakin '95, Drill Master Duane Stewart '95, Student Conductor Grant Dixton '96, Drum Major Bill Cook '95, Schneider Mike Ronan '95. The 75th reunion is a big success, as the Band plays 1812 Overture with hydrogen balloons exploding to the cannon shots. O.J. Simpson trial soars in Nielsen Ratings.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Grant Dixton '96, Drill Master Dave Strong '96, Student Conductor Mike Soss '96, Drum Major B.J. Priester '96, Schneider Corey O'Hara '96. The Harvard Band taunts Holy Cross with "Under The Sea", "Yellow Submarine", and "Tide is High". Upon returning to Cambridge, the Band finds the Band Room flooded. Drum Major B.J. Priester terrorizes Canadian geese on the practice field. Canadian geese terrorize BJ Priester. The Bagpipe Cheer appears.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Brady Hunsaker '97, Drill Master Cyrus Mody '97, Student Conductor Rachel Lebejko '97, Drum Major Catharine Hornby '97, Schneider Emily Stebbins '97.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Martha Bohm '98, Drill Master Leonard Lu '98, Student Conductor Daniel Garvey '98, Drum Major Dalton Courson '98, Schneider Joel Sawady '98. Football team bulldozes through the Ivy League, setting several records in the process.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Kate Wiswell '99, Drill Master Morgan Goulet '00, Student Conductor Mark Simon '99, Drum Major Rebecca Gaines '99, Schneider Karin Johnson '99. The Band travels to the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament as #16 Harvard upsets #1 Stanford in the West regional. Stanford Band jams with the HUB afterwards. Band plays in the Lampoon's inaugural "Real Man of the Year" award ceremony.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Kevin Daly '00, Drill Master Todd Sangster '00, Student Conductor Shalla Santos '00, Drum Major Morgan Goulet '00, Schneider Jeanna Emert '01. The Band begins playing regularly at women's hockey games. Band goes to Minnesota to cheer on the women's hockey team to its first national championship, parties with the team afterwards.
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