The Aughties

Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Lisa Card '01, Drill Master Danny Rhodes '01, Student Conductor Kris Gauksheim '01, Drum Major Jenn Doxtader '02, Schneider Jenn Doxtader '02.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Alisha Creel '02, Drill Master John Morris '02, Student Conductor Jenn Doxtader '02, Drum Major Nate Meyer '02, Schneider Matt Withers '01. The first football game, against Holy Cross, is cancelled after the attacks of September 11th. The football team goes on to win all of its games, finishing 9-0 for its first perfect season since 1913, and the seniors get their first victory over yale in four years. At the halftime show during the game against Penn that decides the Ivy championship, new Harvard President Larry Summers' pants nearly fall off as he plays Red Rover against Harvard professors.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Courtenay Kessler '03, Drill Master Courtney Roberts '03, Student Conductor Chris Lamie '04, Drum Major George "Bud" Vana '03, Schneider Erin Morgan '03. The Band plays for former President Bill Clinton at an IOP event. The men's swim team requests the Band play at its Ivy League meet, and the Band plays for the men's lacrosse game against Princeton. The Band travels to North Carolina for the women's basketball NCAA tournament, and a largely crusty Band cheers on the men's hockey team in Worcester. The Band organizes its own foosball league. The Columbia Band makes national news with its risque halftime show. Dean Harry Lewis "flogs the dog" at the yale halftime show immediately before the bulldog is destroyed by a chainsaw.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Dave Nierenberg '04, Drill Master Chris Lamie '04, Student Conductor Jack Miller '04, Drum Major Diana Fridberg '05, Schneider Matthew Dewitz '05. The Band travels to Albany for the men's hockey Ivy Championship. The Band plays for Lewis Black at the IOP. Halftime shows become more props intensive, putting renewed focus on Prop Crew. At the Columbia game, the Band performs with the UVA Pep Band (disbanded earlier that year after performing a skit mocking West Virginians at the Continental Tire Bowl).
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Matthew Katcher '05, Drill Master Clark Rosensweig '05, Student Conductor Jamie Silver '06/Josh Rissmiller '06, Drum Major Matthew Dewitz '05, Schneider Katie Sullivan '06. The Band goes to Providence to cheer on the women's hockey team in the national championship. The 85th Reunion is a success. Onward Crimson is introduced. The Red Sox win the World Series for the first time in 86 years, and the Band plays at the impromptu celebration in Harvard Square. The football team is undefeated and wins The Game for the fourth time in a row.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Katie Sullivan '06, Drill Master Josh Rissmiller '06, Student Conductor Brett Wortzman '06, Drum Major Mark Geyer '06, Schneider Frances O'Donnell '07.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Kathryne Bevilacqua '07, Drill Master Justin Caram '08, Student Conductor Kenton Hetrick '07, Drum Major Lauren Morris '08, Schneider Kobey Shwayder '07. The World's Largest Baton was built and used during the Lafayette show. The yale show includes a 30ft. hand of God.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Kamber Vittori '08, Drill Master Matthew Fasman '08, Student Conductor David Daniels '09, Drum Major Kristen Rose '08, Schneider Grace Schroer '09. The Princeton half time show celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Schneider Band, as well as John Harvard's 400th birthday, with an impressive array of props.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Grace Schroer '09, Drill Master Max Mishkin '09, Student Conductor Laura Garvin '10, Drum Major Greg Dyer '09, Schneider Mike Small '09. The Band travels to Duluth, MN for the Women's Frozen Four. JK Rowling compliments the Band's performance of former StudCon David Daniels' Harry Potter arrangement at her honorary degree dinner.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Alex Ahmed '10, Drill Master Brad Oppenheimer '10, Student Conductor Hannah Horowitz '11, Drum Major Caitlin Lewarch '10, Schneider Shaun Vigil '11. At the Senator's request, the Band plays for Ted Kennedy's special honorary degree ceremony, only the fourth such event in Harvard's history. The Band returns to the basketball court with its first basketball halftime show in 25 years, and performs at softball and women's volleyball for the first time in history. With these and other sports, the Band plays for 12 Crimson teams during the year, its largest recorded total. In the fall, the Band plays at Harvard's first official Freshman Convocation. The 90th Reunion is a success, as 200 alumni return to Cambridge for the event. Harvard Eternal is introduced. The Band cheers the football team on to victory over yale for the eighth time in the past nine matchups, its best streak since 1922.
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