The Tens

Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Christine Son '11, Drill Master Andrew Maher '11, Student Conductor Jennifer Houpy '12, Drum Major Matthew Trout '11, Schneider Elizabeth Moroney '12. The Band plays at the memorial services for Dr. Allan R. Robinson '54, co-author of the Verse 1 of Ten Thou. The Band temporarily relocates to the Dance Studio above the OFA when 74 Mt. Auburn floods following a torrential downpour in July. The Band makes its first ever appearance at a Polo match, supporting the Harvard Polo team in a match against UConn in Newport, and managing to play "Fight Fiercely" 4 times in a span of 6 chukkers. Prop Crew builds a 32-foot-long set of 3D glasses at the Holy Cross night game, a full metal Iron Man costume with working light at the Cornell game, and a fine array of Wizard of Oz-themed props at the yAle game. Harvard beats yAle for the fourth year in a row.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Rachel Hawkins '12, Drill Master Duncan Watts '12, Student Conductor David Abarca '13, Drum Major Tatyana Avilova '13, Schneider Glenn Bogardus '12. The Band performs halftime at the final regular season basketball game of the year and propels the team to beat Princeton to get its first ever share of the Ivy League Championship. At the Bucknell game, the Band celebrates Harvard's 375th birthday, along with Tom's 40th year as Director of the Band. Bill Murray and Jim Downey show up to the Cornell game; Bill Murray calls Verse Two whilst conducting. At the game against Dartmouth, the Band perseveres in the wake of extreme weather, celebrating a successful performance of the halftime show in a snowstorm with red and green confetti. The 128th playing of The Game is marked by the Band deterring a yalien invasion and Harvard winning by 38 points.
Director Thomas G. Everett, Manager Garrett Morton '13 / Nina Khosrowsalafi '13, Drill Master Christopher Murray '13, Student Conductor Max Wang '13, Drum Major Nina Khosrowsalafi '13 / Elizabeth Moroney '12-'13, Schneider Catherine Flynn '13. The Band travels to Albuquerque and plays for the Harvard Men's Basketball team at Harvard's first March Madness bid in 66 years. All HUB instruments get repaired, and the Larry Millett Memorial Low Brass Fund donates four new tubas and two new baritones. The Band gigs with the Princeton Band in a fountain, performs Harvard Medley in Soldiers Field for the first time in over a decade, and plays only Christmas music for halftime at Penn. Prop Crew builds a giant spatula and converts it into a harpoon for the yAle game, gutting and destroying Moby Dan on the field.
Interim Director Mark E. Olson, Manager Allyson Freedy '14, Drill Master Jack Davison '14/Ian MacGillivray '15, Student Conductor Louis Coppersmith '14, Drum Major Kimberly Johansson '15, Schneider Kathryn Wendorf '14. In February Our Director Tom Everett retires after 42 years of service to the Harvard University Bands. The Band travels with Harvard Women's Hockey to the NCAA Hockey quarterfinals at Boston College and also with the Harvard Men's Basketball team to Salt Lake City, witnessing Harvard Basketball's first NCAA tournament victory. The Band plays for the kickoff to the Harvard Capital Campaign Launch in September and supports the local Boston community marching in the Allston-Brighton Parade. The Band presents the world premier the Katzenjammer Prelude, composed by Jim Stephenson, commissioned in memory of the late and beloved Crustie Janet Katz '77. Taking to the ice, the Band performs a hockey "halftime" show, demonstrating the newly invented sport of Giant Curling. In the Fall, the Band plays a romantic medley to underscore the magic of a surprise proposal as a Crustie pops the question and dons more beards than the Red Sox for the Princeton game. Prop Crew builds a giant Viking boat and viciously slays the yAle dragon, leading to the seventh consecutive victory.
Interim Director Mark E. Olson, Manager Theo Gerome '15, Drill Master Ian MacGillivray '15, Student Conductor Annie Rak '16, Drum Major Scott Johnson '16, Schneider Garrett Maron '16. Over spring break, the Band sojourned to Spokane, where they inspired the basketball team to a second straight first-round win in the NCAA tournament (and along the way bonding with the North Dakota State Band over laser tag and pizza). As the weather warmed, the Band spread cheer throughout Boston on Duckling Day, even playing for a marriage proposal along the way. In the Fall, the Band successfully celebrated its Ninety-Fifth Reunion, refusing to let inclement weather dampen the mood. The Montage Concert saw the debut of the new fight song Mt. Auburn March, written for the occasion. The rest of the season saw a series of adventures over half-time shows, ranging from a murder mystery in the woods of Hanover to fighting the supervillain Gràdê D'flación in Princeton. The culmination was the Band infiltrating and sacking yale via the use of a Trojan Bulldog, with the team registering it's eighth straight victory on a fourth-quarter drive (in a game that served as the host for that week's edition of ESPN Gameday, including an appearance by the Band).
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