Sights and Sounds

Princeton 1961 - Drillmaster M. Marmor


As the Band comes on, ANN: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Harvard University Band."

The Band spells out towards Princeton: HI then CATS. Then the Band jumps to a Princeton semicircle.

ANN: "The Princeton Medley."

Band jumps to a big H facing Harvard.

ANN: "Ladies and Gentlemen, our National Anthem."


As the Band comes on from the side of the stadium, and before it reaches center:

ANN: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the dapper Harvard University Band." takes hats off to Princeton.

The Band marches into the center of the field and then down towards the Harvard sidelines. As soon as it finishes playing:

ANN: "As a consequence of the recent Soviet atomic explosions, the United States is expected to resume atmospheric nuclear testing. Defense contractors are overjoyed."

The Band expands into a large mushroom cloud, and plays Happy Days are Here Again. As soon as the gun fires for the next formation,

ANN: "These recent tests have caused great concern about the fallout of Strontium 90 fallout."

The Band has now formed into Sr-90, and plays "I've Got You Under My Skin." As soon as the gun goes off for the next formation,

ANN: "Unfortunately, in the event of an atomic war, most people won't have to worry about fallout."

Band is now in R.I.P. and it plays "When the Saints Go Marching In." After the piece, the Band jumps to a Harvard semicircle, and as soon as it is formed,

ANN: "Although Princeton might be destroyed in a war, there will always remain..."

At this cue, the Band goes right into "10,000 Men of Harvard." As soon as it finishes,

ANN: "The Band salutes Harvard fans all around the stadium with Yo-Ho and Soldier's Field."

The Band swings the semicircle around to face the closed end, and plays Yo-Ho; then the semicircle swings to the Princeton side, and plays Soldier's Field. The gun fires for the Band to go off, and the semicircle continues going in an arc, becomes a yelling circle and closes in on the gallant Drum Major and Drillmaster who make a last stand in the center. As the smoke clears and the Band runs off, the two brave soldiers are left dying in the field. The Prop Crew carries off the corpses to end the drill.

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