Sights and Sounds

Princeton 1987 - Drillmaster I. Jones


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Harvard University Band!

(Band marches on the field to "Our Director" forms H)

Announcer: The Band welcomes alumni and students and invites you all to join us in singing "Yo-Ho."

(Band plays "Yo-Ho.")

Announcer: Please stand as the Band, under the direction of professor Thomas G. Everett, performs our National Anthem.

(Band plays "Star Spangled Banner," off to Ten Thou)


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Harvard University Scholastic Aptitude Band!

(Band marches out to "Harvardiana," forms SAT during verse. BANG to VIP

Announcer: You will have six minutes to complete the Harvard Band's S.A.T. Princeton students, please be sure to fill in each oval completely with a number two school. The first section of the test is analogies. For example, Harvard is to Princeton as:
A) Massachusetts is to New Jersey;
B) Harmony with nature is to toxic waste;
C) Camembert is to Cheese Wiz;
or D) John Fitzgerald Kennedy is to Brooke Shields.

(BANG from VIP to DIP)

(Band plays "Fame." BANG from DIP to VW symbol)

Announcer: Part two of the Harvard Band's S.A.T. is problem solving. Consider this example: A Princeton graduate leaves Teaneck New Jersey heading Northeast at a velocity of 34.5 Miles Per Hour. Two hours later, a Harvard graduate leaves Beacon Hill travelling at a speed of 96 miles per hour. If the Princeton graduate is driving a Volkswagon, what kind of car is the Harvard graduate driving?

(BANG from VW symbol to Mercedes symbol)

(Band plays "Satisfaction." Off to Ten Thou...)

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