Sights and Sounds

Lehigh 2000 - Drillmaster Danny Rhodes


ANN: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Harvard University "How big is your endowment?" Band!

March out to Our Director, then form the big H

ANN: The Band would like to welcome all students, faculty, alumni, and fans of Harvard football to today's game between the Harvard Crimson adn Les Mountain Hawks de LeHigh. We invite everyone to please sing along as the band plays "Gridiron King."

Band plays Gridiron King

ANN: And now, please rise, as the band performs our national anthem, under the direction of our choice for the next president of Harvard, Student Conductor Kristoffer R. Gauksheim.

Band plays Star Spangled Banner. Off to Ten Thou.


ANN: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Harvard University "I'm super, and thanks for asking" Band!

Band runs out to ROCK

ANN: In the history of rock and roll, many bands come and go and fade away over the years. But among the forgotten masses, there are a few truly gifted performers who revolutionize the art. Today we honor one of those great bands. From their humble beginnings stemming from the friendship of two young men, they took the world by storm. They were received in America by millions of screaming fans, and they are still revered and loved today. Please put your hands together as the band performs our tribute to...(pregnant pause) The Village People!

Band plays Macho Man, as they bang from ROCK to HARD. The Band then bangs to MAN

ANN: But it was also their message of diversity and compassion that touched us and made us love them. Where else could one find a cowboy and a Native American, a biker and a cop, a construction worker and that other guy, joined together in songs of love for their fellow man? They also inspired a sense of national pride and community. They filled us up with patriotism coupled with their signature feel-good disco beats.

Band plays In the Navy, while they bang from MAN to LOVE. The Band then bangs to AT THE

ANN: It has been over 20 years since the Village People took the world by storm. Although many of their later recordings like "Fox on the Box," "Just a Gigolo," and "Action Man" are not very well-known, they still entertain fans all over the world with their classic hits. But before we end our rockumentary, we invite everyone to get up and sing and dance along as we play one more tune. You know how this one goes.

Band plays YMCA, as they bang from AT THE to YMCA. Off to Ten Thou.

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