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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent out skates?
No, unfortunately we don't have skates to rent out.

What level do I have to be at to compete or perform?
In order to perform in certain shows, you can be at any level as long as you have a program. However, in order to compete you must comply with the USFSA regulations for each level. You can find out more at the USFSA website

Where do I go if I want to learn how to skate?
You can sign up for ice skating classes at the MAC. The classes are generally 6 weeks long and cost around $36 for students and $48 for non-student MAC members. The two levels are Beginner and Intermediate. Beginner classes teach basic forward and backward skating and beginning footwork. The Intermediate classes teach crossovers, mohawks, two-foot spins, and beginning jumps such as waltz jumps

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