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If you are curious about wushu, or if you are interested in getting/staying in shape, please come to one of our practices. Join an all-star team, meet great friends, and learn from a world-class coaching staff. Harvard Wushu is free and open to everyone, regardless of age or experience level. The Harvard Wushu experience goes beyond cardio and physical workouts by combining artistic choreography, practical application of martial techniques, and good old fun. We hope to see you soon!

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What to expect at practice
Practices are led by Harvard Wushu’s star coaching team.  With over 30 years of combined wushu and martial arts experience, the coaching team will introduce you to the various techniques and movements of wushu.  A typical practice begins with warm-up exercises and stretching. Afterward, we move on to basic wushu line drills, in which basic kicks and jumps are executed and drilled.  Following the line drills, we begin working on wushu routines, which are choreographed sequences of basic wushu techniques. Beginner-level routines are geared more toward improving the practitioner’s abilities and understanding of wushu, while advanced-level routines are intended as performance pieces which showcase a particular style of boxing or weapon-play. Finally, we close each class with strength & conditioning exercises. If you have any joint or muscle injuries, please notify the instructors before the start of class so that they can exempt you from inappropriate exercises.
Proper attire
Workout clothes will suffice.  If you have a club t-shirt and wushu pants, please wear them to class. Sneakers are acceptable, but feiyue-type Chinese martial arts shoes are preferred.
Other martial arts shoes, such as tae kwon do shoes or wrestling shoes, are also acceptable. As we practice many stomping, twisting, and jumping movements on carpet and hardwood floor, bare feet or socks are not acceptable.

At the beginning and end of class, the instructor and students acknowledge each other with a palm and fist salute. To execute the salute, fold the right hand into a fist and hold the left hand in an open palm. Standing up straight with feet together, bring the hands together in front of the chest, left palm wrapping around right fist.
Finally, while wushu class is meant to be a fun and cooperative activity, conversations should be kept low enough such that they do not disturb others. Please treat the classes, practice, and instructors with the same respect that you would treat an academic class or professor.
A Brief Treatise on Feiyues
Feiyues are rubber-soled canvas shoes which are the standard shoe for wushu training. While other brands, such as Tiger Claw, Adidas, Budosaga, and Tai Chi, make excellent shoes, Feiyues are the most popular and are generally the least expensive option. There are a host of Feiyue-like shoes, including Feiyuns, Feilongs, and Kwons, which are usually as good as the original. However, beware of Feiyue knockoffs labeled “BLT.” BLT shoes have a hard, inflexible sole that is less comfortable than that of Feiyues.  Additionally, the BLT’s lack of shock absorption may cause undue wear and tear on your joints.