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Spring 2006 | Volume 2, Number 2

In this issue The Ichthus explores faith's intersection with the academy. What are the most important things we should study before leaving college? How does Christianity bring us to a more complete contemplative life? What is the greatest problem with the University and higher education today? We strive to answer these questions and more in our very first themed issue.

Learning to Leave College
by James V. Schall, S.J.


Towards the Lights of Veritas
by Jordan Teti '08

Redeeming Grace
by Kevin Jonke '09

Stuck in a Moment
by Jeffery David Dean '06


Walker Percy: Doctor of the Soul
by Jordan Hylden '06

The Christian Mind at Harvard: A Visitor's Perspective
by Anne Snyder '07

Jesus, Not Christ
by Adam Hilkemann '07

Saviors in the Jungle
by Jonathan Lai '06

Broken Mountain
by Mattie Germer '03

Seen But Not Heard
By Casey Cep '06

Mystery Upon the Waters
by Marie Janette Laperle '06

the one without its head
by Kamila Lis '05

The Choir
By Caroline Jennings '09


The Important Tests
by Chiduzie Madubata '06


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