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Fall 2006 | Volume 3, Number 1

Mary For Biblical Christians: A Meditation on the Annunciation
by Faye Darnall

Anima Forma Corporis: on Symbols, the Sacred, and Festivity
by Jordan D. Teti '08

Translation Necessary
by G. Tiao '08

Debunking the Church-State Dichotomy
by Christopher Lacaria, '09


The Second Tablet Project
by J. Budziszewski

Mma Ramotswe, Walker Percy, and the Danger of Tenderness
by Jordan Hylden '06

Christians: Spiritually on Fire or Down in Flames?
by Adam Hilkemann '07

Truth Be Told
by Alee Lockman '10

Verdict on Vendetta
by Carol Green '09

The Roses: A Triptych
By Victoria Sprow '06

by Marie Janette Laperle '06

A poem takes to Sky
by Judith Huang '09

By Albert Hwang '08


what now?
by Ann Chao '08


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