A poem takes to Sky
a poem by Judith Huang | Fall 2006


Sky happened today, in the middle of the black night
With my gentle radio, sitting crossed at the computer. Sudden patch of sky!
Loved it, loved it. It was a stretching of arms over water
It was a canopy space above my roof
It was arching like a sprout of water!
Loved, loved it. It was you laughing, over the wires
It was white slipping over night
I imagine hawks holding trees
Twirling the world slowly in strong talons,
Racing pylon cables crashing through the seas.
Every word of yours is exclamation, they say, Look! Look!
I have never been
Happy before. There are better places. I wanted to pack my things,
I wanted the smell of coats, the screeching of wheels
Against the tarmac floor; I wanted wings,
Wings to soar. I wanted to cut the sky in white lines. Teaching
Me new places. There was a smile
a mile wide on my face. A swaddled coat with woollen collar over my dusty skin.
I’m growing thin, I can hear my heart hammering through the wool.
We will one day live off air, just air
In a suitcase.




Judith Huang '09