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Jewish Party Affiliation Patterns

American Jews have been putting liberal Democrats into office for years.  These trends have come increasingly in conflict with the priorities of the Jewish community around this country, though American Jews remain reluctant to change part affiliation.

Middle East Crisis

Israel, the sparkling jewel, the civilized, democratic nation surrounded by aggressive, impoverished and authoritarian neighbors, is once again, this time by not only the neighbors, but by many developed nations on the European continent.  Israel needs our help now more than ever.

Anti-Semitism and Cowardice in the United Nations

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, and his posse of liberal, socialist, anti-semites, seek to destroy Israel and its people.  The UN will not stop until all is gone, consistently condemning Israel's attempts to defend itself, while condoning acts of terrorism by those seeking to commit genocide within the Israeli borders.   The UN, which was created to establish a safer world, has failed its founders and its goals and now exists merely to destroy all that is good in the world.

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