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Colloquium Updates:

The Harvard College Linguistics Group is excited to announce that the keynote speaker of this year's Harvard Undergraduate Linguistics has been selected! Below please find this year's speaker's bio:

Neil Myler is an Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Boston University. He holds a BA and MPhil from the University of Cambridge (UK) and a PhD from NYU. His research interests include morphology, (micro-)comparative syntax, argument structure, and the morphosyntax and semantics of possession cross-linguistically. Professor Myler carries out linguistic fieldwork on Quechua languages (in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina) and on English dialects. His talk at the Colloquium will be entitled "Some Advantages of not Taking Wordhood too Seriously," a description of which can be found on the "Colloquim: Schedule" page.
We are no longer accepting abstracts for submission from undergraduates. Thank you to all who submitted abstracts for this year's Colloquium.

Accepted Candidates: Please check the "Accepted Applicant Info Page" under the Colloquium tab for important information.